Sports T-Shirts Design Tips

What better way to show off your favorite sports team than to create a unique custom t-shirt? You've seen people walking around with their own awesome sports t-shirts...but how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Follow some of these guidelines from our sports fans graphics artists:

Font Styles

It is probably a wise decision to go for a simple shirt instead of a convoluted one. You want to make a SPORTS t-shirt. So don't use complicated and specialized fonts to try to make your shirt "pop" - it'll stand out on it's own. Stick to the fonts that work; the fonts you see on sports t-shirts. We recommend Collegiate because of its noticeability, boldness, and time-old association with sports. You can find Collegiate and more fonts in our trusty design lab, or recommend your own font to us and one of our graphics professionals will change it for you, completely free of charge. Legibility is highly important on sports tees.

Shirt Color

Pick the right shirt color. You don't want to confuse people thinking you're a Lakers fan when you're really a die-hard Celtics supporter, by sporting a purple t-shirt that says "Celtics" on it. In our personal opinion, you'll probably want to stick with white or your team's color as the color of your t-shirt, with only one or two print colors on each side. This way, fans on your side can spot you across the room you enter...or the basketball court!

Vintage Look

If you'd like to add a distressed vintage look to your design, just give us the image you'd like to use and one of our graphics professionals will update the design free of charge. Simply email us at and request it.


Take the opportunity to spice up your t-shirt by adding a silly fact about your team or, if you're feeling brave, some (not too vulgar) trash talk. It's a wonderful feeling having someone see your shirt and getting a laugh from what your shirt says, and a great conversation starter as well.
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