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Some people are cat people, some people aren't cat people, but few people can deny the silly charm that the internet has bestowed on our feline friends. For instant hilarity, why not take a funny picture of a cat and add some charmingly misspelled text to it? There are no rules for making a funny cat t-shirt, except that you use Impact font and be the funniest you can be.

For a more iconic, alternative look that may take a little more advanced graphic design, you can save money by creating a single-color print of a cat's face while still adding funny text to bring attention to it. By focusing on the cat's face alone, you can really emphasize the cat's expression in conjunction with the text.

If you start with a fairly high contrast-photo, you can easily turn it into a single-color image, which will make your shirts much more cost-effective than a full-color photograph. For more information on optimizing a design to fit your budget, take a look at some of our cheap and easy design tips.

For more interesting T-shirt designs, take a look at our special t-shirt design ideas!
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