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Screen Printing

ooShirts is your source for screen printing

Screen printing, or silk screening, is the method of transferring an image onto a garment using a stencil and a screen made of silk. Colored ink is poured onto the screen and flows through it, forming the shape of the desired design on the shirt. For more information, please view the Wikipedia article on screen printing.

The advantages of screen printing are:

1) Low costs at higher quantities - After the one time setup fee, the price of screen printing steadily decreases as the overall quantity increases. The higher the quantity, the lower the prices of the custom t-shirts.
2) Ability to be printed on any surface - Screen printing can be conducted on any color apparel, regardless of if it is black or white. With darker colored shirts, an ink underlay is used to allow the colors on the custom design to show properly.
3) Durability of the print - The ink bonds to the shirt very tightly, forming a very strong print. The print can withstand countless washes and many years of use.

The advantages of screen printing are:

1) Setup costs - Screen printed t-shirts require extensive setup to begin printing, including the creation of screens and preparation of ink. The initial setup cost ($20 per color) is included in our all-inclusive quotes.
2) Minimum order - Because of the high startup costs for screen printing, the overall price for low quantity custom t-shirt orders is often excessively high. As a result, the minimum quantity of shirts for screen printing is 12 shirts.