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As one of nature's most simple yet beautiful commodities, it's hard not to include flowers in many designs that call for a touch of grace or femininity. Flowers are a great addition to any shirt, and there are plenty of ways to use them effectively in your designs, regardless of whether they are digitally or screen-printed. Even without the vibrant colors of flowers, you can create beautiful graphics using the ornate silhouettes of many different types of flowers.

Flowers are not the only things you can add to your shirts. Trees, plants, and other botany-related images can spruce up a shirt in unique and interesting ways. Experiment with the location and shapes of your graphics to create a unique and lovely Mother's Day gift! Or perhaps come up with a really complicated and colorful shirt you can use as an artsy shirt! When it comes to t-shirt design, flowers are one of the most versatile images you can use. Head over to our design lab now and see for yourself!
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