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DTG Printing

ooShirts is your source for DTG printing

DTG printing, or direct-to-garment printing, is the method of transferring an image onto a garment by directly printing onto the shirt. It uses the newest technology to create a print without the user of an intermediate medium. For more information, please view the Wikipedia article on digital printing.

The advantages of DTG printing are:

1) A natural feel - The prints on the shirt are breathable and soft to the touch. It is very thin, so it is difficult to distinguish between the ink and the shirt itself.
2) No minimum quantity - Perfect for making low quantity personal orders and gifts. You can order just one shirt, or you can order twenty - the prices are all reasonable.
3) Unlimited print colors - Printing one color, two colors, or even a full color print will not change the overall shirt price. Because there is no extra color cost, DTG prints are great for custom t-shirts with colorful designs.

The disadvantages of DTG printing are:

1) Limited application surfaces - DTG prints can only be applied to white or light colored shirts. Since ink is directly applied onto the shirt, it is not strong enough to show on dark surfaces. For dark colored shirts, screen printing must be used.
2) Minimal savings at higher quantities - The price of screen printing goes down much faster than that of DTG printing as the quantity increases. This makes buying DTG printed custom t-shirts at high quantities uneconomical.