With the summer heat beaming down, it’s undeniably tank top season. We have seen the tank gain more popularity and take over the fashion scene as of late. Not only for an everyday look, but tanks can also be worn just about anywhere you go, to the gym, barbecues, beach parties, etc. Tanks are now popularly worn by both men and women and can be found in all shapes and sizes.

Did you know the tank top gets its name from the 1920′s one-piece bathing suit trend?

In the 1920′s decade, women were required to dress more conservatively when taking a dip in the ‘swimming tank’, which is now more commonly know as the ‘swimming pool’. These bathing suits were once referred to as ‘tank suits’, and straps were a requirement for this type of fashion swim wear. The similarity between tank suits and tank tops helped coin the ‘tank top’ name.

The tank top is normally worn as an undergarment and is more frequently used in athletic sports. Male gymnasts first used the tank top because of the range of motion it offers for the arms. Since then, most sports have adapted to this fashion because of this reason as well as the tank’s ability to keep athletes cooler than regular tees. Men and women in the US did not start wearing the tank top as a fashionable outer garment until the 1970′s.

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