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  1. How to Create Print Ready Artwork

    December 27, 2013 by patricia

    At ooShirts, we review and process hundreds of pieces of artwork a day to ensure that all of our customers’ prints come out perfectly. If artwork doesn’t fit our specifications, the order is put on hold and the customer is notified immediately.

    That being said, creating custom artwork yourself can be a pretty confusing experience, especially if it’s your first time using Photoshop or Illustrator. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


    1) Work with high quality artwork

    Preserve the quality of your art regardless of size. The goal here is to make sure that the artwork has not been stretched or distorted in a way. No one wants to wear a pixelated shirt! Even if an image looks great on a computer screen, that might not be the case when it’s blown up 10 inches wide on a shirt. If you have Adobe Illustrator then be sure to get familiar with the Live Trace feature. Or use an online service such as Vector Magic to help you trace the edges of your artwork. Otherwise, high quality non-vector images should be at least 150dpi.


    2) Reduce, reduce, reduce

    For screen printed designs, reducing the total number of colors in the artwork can help keep your prices low. If the artwork is very complex or has a large amount of colors, you may want to consider a digital print for better results. (Read more about digital printing and screen printing.)

    Remember to also identify the custom ink colors you’re using so that our printers can match it. Check with the color swatch you have in your illustration software for the Pantone Matching System color number.


    3) Outline and expand

    Forgetting to outline or expand elements in artwork is one of the most common mistakes we see here. Not all computers may have that specialty font that you picked out, so place outlines around your text so that all that design effort doesn’t go to waste! In addition to outlining all objects in your vector artwork, expand all strokes and borders so that everything remains proportional.


    Hopefully these tips will streamline your artwork creation process. For simpler designs that require a little less customization, check out our Design App, which features thousands of pieces of clipart and hundreds of fonts to choose from!


  2. Math Shirts, The Ultimate Intimidation

    September 13, 2012 by lauren

    School is back in session and it is time to represent your department with custom t-shirts. For all you math and engineering majors out there you should impressed with your own quantitative abilities. I know I am. Make liberal arts majors uncomfortable with math t-shirts showing calculus problems that you actually know how to solve. Remind graduate college hopefuls that there will be a math section on the GRE, and then laugh diabolically.

    If lording over others is less of your style, you can always emphasize the positive by celebrating the magic of pi with pie! Whether you approach your design from a right angle or an obtuse one, we have the clip art for your custom shirt. And if you want to have some writing on your shirt as well, don’t worry; we check for spelling errors.

  3. Baseball Shirts

    September 11, 2012 by ooshirts

    We are well into my favorite season of the year–baseball season. This has been quite a magical year for us here in the east bay of California. Why? You may ask. Because the A’s are actually winning! If you are not familiar with the A’s record then let me tell you this is about as common as seeing a moonbow of the night of a blue moon. (Yes, a moonbow is a real thing. I looked it up.) Now all of us loyal fans have something to do at the game other than boo the opposite team.

    No matter where you are or how your team is doing this year, you can support them with a custom baseball shirts. Rather than pay top dollar at the stadium, you can create your own custom design using our clip art. Support your hometown baseball or softball team with your favorite player’s team name and number. Or order our two-button baseball jersey for the whole little league team!

  4. Frisbee T-Shirts, Because Frisbee Doesn’t Have A Uniform

    October 18, 2011 by colleen

    Frisbee is the perfect sport for custom t-shirts. No jersey/polo/padding required (unless you play some really intense frisbee). But you’re still on a team and need something to wear (again, unless you play some really intense frisbee). That’s why clip art for custom frisbee shirts is so important to us here at ooShirts.

    You could be traditional and put a frisbee on a t-shirt, but why stop there? Put it on a tank top. Shorts. Or custom sweatshirts to keep your team warm on winter days. With clip art like this, you’ll want a frisbee on anything you can get your hands on.

  5. Translating Sound Into Sight: Music Clip Art

    October 14, 2011 by colleen

    Music sounds great, or has the potential to, so it should look great too, or have the potential to. Well now it does – on a shirt. Our new clip art gallery has a variety of instruments, equipment and music terminology symbols.

    Need custom orchestra shirts for your school’s ensemble?  Put a flute on there. Custom band shirts what you need? Electric guitar, done. For your more generic music needs, try a treble clef or go with base, the edgier of the clefs. Be enigmatic and put an empty staff on your shirt. Is it music that you like, or lines? The possibilities are endless.



  6. Barbecue and Food Shirts

    October 13, 2011 by colleen

    Barbecue is so good. I’m not even hungry but I would eat so much barbecue right now. Meat, beer, the outdoors  - what is there not to love? I mean, aside from the outdoors, because those are clearly over-rated. But if, despite the outdoors, you still want custom barbecue t-shirts, ooShirts is now the best place to go. Our clip art does justice to the cholesterol that makes barbecue so great. Put on one of these shirts and you will feel your arteries clogging.

    It’s October, though, so perhaps this kind of t-shirt would be seasonally inappropriate. Or maybe you’re healthy or vegetarian. Or maybe you can’t get over how annoying the outdoors are. Chances are you still eat, so we have other clip art to make excellent custom food t-shirts. We don’t have any anorexia clip art at this time, so if you don’t eat then I’m not sure what to say. Actually, try looking at some of this clip art and see if that doesn’t clear your eating disorder right up!

  7. Lady Shirts

    October 13, 2011 by colleen

    There’s no better way to proclaim your femininity than via shirt. That is a fact. Like, it really is. And now you can do it without even having to make or find art. How? CLIP ART.

    Our new clip art gallery features all of the elements you need for the perfect custom ladies’ night shirts. Any ladies’ night would be incomplete without them. You’re drinking a cocktail with your girls? Put that on a shirt. Or you might be more punky or want custom gamer girl shirts. We’ve got that on lock for you and your girls, no matter how many ‘r’s you spell it with.

  8. Animal T-Shirts, But Especially Cats

    October 11, 2011 by colleen

    People love animals because they’re cute, cuddly, and offer unconditional love. They’re like people, except that they don’t judge you. Unless the animal in question is a cat, in which case it will judge you much more harshly than any human ever would. Even the meanest human.

    That’s why custom animal t-shirts are in such high demand. And we have clip art to match the demand. You can show your support of any animal, whether cuddly or ferocious. And if judgmental is more your speed, then of course we have the clip art for custom cat t-shirts as well. Because there’s no experience more rewarding than showing support for something that disdains your existence. Cat shirts galore!

  9. Halloween T-Shirts – Spooky Scary

    October 8, 2011 by colleen

    So I’m uploading ooShirts’ brand new clipart gallery. Technology’s hard and everything (like, jeez), but this task is actually exciting. We have a ton of new art for every category that you could or could not imagine. It’s my job to imagine those categories, and imagine them I do. My current (and seasonal) favorite is Halloween.

    Jack-o-lanterns, cats and bats (this is making me want to have a rhyming category) – we’re about to have everything you need for custom Halloween shirts for you and your group, class, cult, whatever! Because there’s nothing scarier than a mob of people in matching, holiday-themed shirts. Conformity’s spooky.

    Of course there will be clipart for all of your custom holiday t-shirt needs, and I will be here to tell you all about it. Aren’t you excited? Look at this clipart and tell me you’re not excited. That’s what I thought.