Designing the Perfect Spring Break Shirt

Spring Break is almost here! Pretty soon, you’ll be free to relax in the springtime breeze with the sun on your arms in some custom tees or tanks. If you’re fishing for some design inspiration, here are a few ideas to help get you started!

Tank Tops for the Win
Tank tops have quickly become a Spring Break classic for college students everywhere. Whether you’ve got the biceps to show off or not, these lightweight tops are perfect for anyone that enjoys some fun in the sun.

Spring Break Tanks Tops 2017

More is More
Spring break may be one of the few occasions where overdesigning a t-shirt is totally acceptable. Have fun with it – add bright colors, spin the text sideways, lay text over images – Spring Break is your chance to let loose and enjoy some well-earned time off.

Say Yes to Neon
Neon-colored artwork has its roots in ’80s fashion and is a must-have for any bold spring break design. Don’t be afraid of throwing in some hot pink, neon green, or electric yellow. Pictured above is our Gildan Ultra Cotton custom printed tank top.

Easy Breezy Ideas
Now, not every spring break tank top needs to bring thoughts of a neon-glowing rave. Whether you’re taking the church group out on a beach retreat or you’re just hanging with a group of best friends, custom tanks are still a great choice.

Cute and Simple Tank Tops

Pictured left is our Gildan Ladies SoftStyle custom printed tank top. The font used here is called, “Irish Spaghetti” (under the “handwriting” category in our ooShirts Design App). And if you’re in the need for some “Vitamin Sea”, I’d recommend the casual Bella Ladies Spaghetti custom printed Tank Top - perfect for wearing over your swimsuit!

Front and Back
Front and back t-shirt designs are perfect for college clubs, athletic teams, and other established groups that want to look cool with a professional flare. When designing, remember to keep it simple so that your team will want to wear these shirts for years to come! The style below features our Bella Ladies Wide Strap custom printed tank in pink. 

Kappa Delta Spring Break Tank Top

Get Creative and Keep it Light
For a playful twist on those classic athletic shirts, use ‘17 for the jersey number. And don’t forget, lighter-colored shirts are great for beating the heat – so grey, white, and pastel colors are always a wise choice. Make the print below your own by printing on a Fruit of the Loom custom printed t-shirt in ash gray.

Athletic Spring Break 2017

You’re Ready to Go!
We hope you’re inspired by these customized ooShirts looks! Each design was created with our very own, easy to use ooShirts design app. So get out there – start designing your own unique look today! Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

6 Reasons Your Fundraiser Needs Custom Tees

It’s not up for debate – fundraisers love custom tees. Relay for Life, Jump Rope for Heart, United Way – we’ve all owned these shirts or know someone that has. But why? Well, here are 6 fantastic reasons your fundraiser needs custom tees, too.

1. To Create Unity 

Something that makes us human is that we come in all shapes and sizes. But, when people come together and wear the same shirt, they become one unified force. Long after the fundraiser is over, these custom shirts are a simple reminder that you belong to a community.

2. To Raise Awareness

You know what’s better than 1 billboard? 1000 billboards. When your supporters wear your custom shirts, they help advertise your fundraiser wherever they go! Adding a website link or social media hashtag to the shirt design can also help spread the word and increase your stream of donations.

3. They’re Affordable

When bought in bulk, custom t-shirts are surprisingly inexpensive – especially if you stick to just a few ink colors. You can either sell them for a low price or even encourage others to sell at a markup, with profits going directly to your fundraiser.

4. Establish Your Name

Let’s face it, most people just can’t afford to donate to every fundraiser that crosses their path. When we see something more often, we’re more likely to invest our time and money.

Recent examples include Livestrong bracelets and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which helped raise millions of dollars for their cause. Getting the word out there with custom shirts is always a smart way to earn trust and increase donations!

5. Giveaways!

Some of us love to give, others need a little reinforcement. Customer shirts are great for raffles, silent auctions, or just as participation prizes to encourage people to get involved. If your fundraiser participates in tabled events, handing out printed tees in exchange for a ‘like’ on social media can really help bring attention to your cause in a fun exchange.

6. To Encourage Dialogue 

Finally, your supporters have these amazing shirts – now what? Well, they can be representatives of your cause too! Whether wearing custom shirts around the office or around the town, custom tees encourage conversation and hopefully create healthy dialogue.

Start Designing!
So what are you waiting for? Start designing some custom shirts with ooShirts for your fundraiser today! Our super low prices and high quality mean you get more bang for your buck! Happy fundraising!

12 Brands with Iconic Shirts

At some point, every great brand needs a great custom shirt. With some artistic skill, marketing, and a loyal customer base, you can create a shirt that people love to wear. Here are some standout shirts that you’ve definitely seen in your lifetime.

1. MTV

Originally launched in 1981, MTV created a line of brightly-colored (and sometimes absurd) shirt designs. Patterns and colors of the artwork varied over the years, but the logo generally stayed the same, making these shirts truly iconic.

2. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

For fans of the TV show, “The Office”, Dunder Mifflin instantly brings to mind a lovable yet dysfunctional group of employees from Scranton, Pennsylvania. For anyone in on the joke, this classic t-shirt is sure to bring a few smiles.

3. Adidas

The bold, white-on-black Adidas tees are a perfect example of how a simple design can become more than a company shirt. The instantly recognizable artwork is now a trendy staple for any modern wardrobe and has even been parodied numerous times.

4. Rainforest Cafe

Anyone from Florida or California knows that the Rainforest Cafe is synonymous with Disney. Touted as a “Wild Place to Eat and Shop” (emphasis on “shop”), it’s no wonder these shirts are everywhere. Their use of bright neon shirts add to the fun nature of these famous tees.

5. Harley-Davidson

Tough guys and bike lovers everywhere know that Harley-Davidson t-shirts are a sign of pride. But, with their sleek, bold graphics, I’d say these popular shirts are also a stylish look for any diehard Harley fan.

6. Coca-Cola

It’s no surprise that the wildly successful, bubbly-sweet Coca-cola has a classic shirt to accompany it. The decision to feature the white logo on a bright red shirt was a wise branding move, making this iconic shirt hard to miss.

7. Jack Daniel’s

The classic Jack Daniel’s shirt is an outlier among iconic brand shirts. Whereas other brands go for simplicity, Jack Daniel’s opts for large, detailed artwork. But, with a skillfully designed vintage logo, this design deserves to be a hit.


8. John Deere

Big green tractor fans rejoice! To some, John Deere is as American as burgers on the Fourth of July. This kelly green shirt is a staple look for anyone who’s not afraid of a little sweat and hard work out in the great outdoors.

9. Olympics

Every four years, we get a new design for the Summer Olympics. The simple 5 Olympic rings on a plain white t-shirt are a classic look for athletes and sport fans everywhere.

10. Budweiser

Introduced in 1876, Budweiser has established itself as a go-to brand for American beer. The traditional “bowtie” logo is a perfect fit across the chest of these iconic black tees.

11. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafes are all over the globe and so are their famous tees. The simple logo is usually captioned with the location of purchase, making these shirts not only a clean, casual look, but also a conversation piece.

12. Thrasher

Chances are, if you’re not holding a skateboard while in a Thrasher shirt, you might be a poseur. That’s the hardcore risk that comes with this edgy shirt made for skate fans of all varieties.

Custom shirts are an awesome way to bring awareness to your brand and can even promote team spirit among employees. If you’re looking to design a custom shirt for your brand, hopefully these 12 iconic designs can help inspire your next look!

Catholics vs. Convicts – The Power of Custom Shirts

Using custom apparel to raise awareness for social movements has become an increasingly popular trend. From, “Legalize Gay” shirts, to Trump’s, “Make America Great Again”, and even the pro-veggie, “Kale” tee, printed t-shirts are clearly an effective way to share your beliefs.

Rewinding almost 30 years back, we find a classic story of the incredible power of the custom t-shirt. The topic of ESPN Films’ recent installment, “Catholics vs. Convicts”, tells the tale of a bitter national rivalry between University of Notre Dame and The University of Miami.

In 1998, the Miami Hurricanes were changing the culture of college football and had quickly earned a bad-boy reputation by taunting and dancing their way to a perfect season in the year prior.

Ronald Reagan with the University of Miami football team, 1988.

In 1988, a decade had passed since Notre Dame University Catholics had last won the national championship, but the tides were turning, and the Fighting Irish were winning game after game.

The stark contrast between the storied Catholic school of Notre Dame and the rowdy University of Miami newcomers led to the perfect recipe for marketing success.

Ronald Reagan with the University of Miami football team, 1989.

Pat Walsh, a cash-strapped college student, was first to seize the moment. Along with Joe Frederick, the infamous catchphrase, “Catholics vs Convicts” was birthed. Walsh marketed and sold the shirts on campus, and they were an instant success.

Soon, Walsh was selling thousands of the notorious t-shirts to fans everywhere, months before the game even started. As the match between Notre Dame and Miami approached, both teams were still undefeated.

The t-shirts spurred massive hype for the game, and Walsh managed to sell hundreds of the garments on game day. By day’s end, Notre Dame narrowly won by a single point, 31-30.

A Winning Idea
It’s amazing how good timing, wit, and dedication can lead to massive success. Today, the shirt industry is a little different – and thankfully for the better. Physical selling isn’t the only method of transaction, and on-demand fulfillment ensures that your selling is risk-free. But one thing has not changed, a great custom t-shirt design can be a powerful force.

5 Hot Items for Chilly Weather

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you probably noticed it’s been colder than usual. Bundling up doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style too. Here are 5 hot ooShirts items for chilly weather!

1. Trending: Zipper Up! 

It was hard to miss the zipper sweater trend during Fashion Week 2017, and it’s no surprise why. This popular look provides style, warmth, and versatility.

When designing, always keep in mind how the zipper will affect the look. I like to place the logo/art in the top right quadrant so nothing gets cut in half. Pictured above is our American Apparel zip hoodie in “Menthe” teal. 

2. 90s Love: The Sweatshirt

If you’re like me, you have at least one classic 90s sweatshirt in your collection. There’s a good reason why—they’re super simple, warm, and soft. Sweatshirts are perfect for outdoor activities and even look great when worn over flannels or button-ups.

Try out a snow white look with bright colors for a modern take on a classic. Pictured is our Gildan Crewneck Sweatshirt with “Heliconia” pink ink.

3. Long-Sleeves, Please

Although not as common as the basic tee, long-sleeved shirts are always a cool way to stay warm. Perfect for those sunny afternoons when a t-shirt just isn’t enough.

I recommend a center logo/image when designing long-sleeved shirts so your art is always on display—even when wearing an open-front jacket or coat. 

4. Comfy Sweats

Sweatpants are my personal go-to item for brisk mornings and gym days. Plus, everyone can make space for another pair—you can’t say no to a super comfy pair of sweats!

My design tip for sweatpants is to keep it simple. Stick to colors that represent your brand or purpose. Pictured above is our Gildan 50/50 sweatpant—super soft with jersey-lined side seam pockets.

5. Don’t Forget the Kids!

ooShirts is proud to offer a selection of hooded sweatshirts in youth sizes too! Kids constantly outgrow their sweaters, so a new hoodie is always in need.

I like to avoid lighter colors when designing youth hoodies because we all know it’s going to get worn way too much. I used a “True Red” in our Jerzees Youth 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt.

Design Your Own!

Every design you see above was created on ooShirt’s design app, and I literally spent just a few minutes making each one! Check out our site for even more cold-weather styles so you and your friends can stay warm this winter season.

Happy New Year from ooShirts!

With a new year comes a new start, and we’re excited to share what’s to come in 2017. Per New Year’s tradition, we’ve put together our 2 main resolutions for the new year.

1. Better Customer Service
Our top priority in 2017 is providing faster and better customer service. This means we’ll be taking big steps towards improving your overall satisfaction with ooShirts by being:

  • Faster:  We aim to lower email response times to under 4 hours
  • Stronger: We’re hiring more customer support reps to help reduce wait times
  • Better:  Extended customer services hours with an aim of 24-hour service by March

2. Faster Production
For 2017, we’ve made expansions to our production which means faster turnaround times so we can be ahead of schedule in t-shirt production. This will allow us to meet our goal of delivering as many items as we can before the guaranteed delivery date.

Featured Designs of 2016
We love to see the designs our customers come up with. Here’s a couple of our favorites!

Happy Holidays from ooShirts!

While the holidays are mostly over, we still wanted to send you some cheer! We hope you had a wonderful season, and we look forward to making your custom t-shirts in 2017!


ooShirts Improved Turnaround Times

We are excited to announce that we’ve drastically improved our turnaround times beginning this year! We’ve improved our facility workflow and expanded our printing capacity. Now all your DTG orders are being printed within 2.6 days on average, showing a 100% improvement since August of last year. Screen print orders are being printed at 4.2 days on average.

Remember you can always keep a close look on your order by checking the status here. Below is a real-time turnaround time report from our facilities today:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.56.39 AM.png

In case you are wondering, DTG printing stands for direct-to-garment printing. It is printing of digital images from a computer onto garments through the use of an inkjet printer. DTG printing allows for small orders to be printed at a reasonable price. All orders of 12 garments or below are printed using DTG method.

Screen printing has a more expensive and labor-intense setup. However, once we’ve set up the screen, the per-unit cost of screen printing is much cheaper than that of DTG. It is much more cost effective for larger orders. We use the screen printing method for orders of 12 garments and above. Both of these printing methods have exceptional detailed and vibrant print quality.

With our new improved system and capacity, we are able to deliver your custom t-shirts at your door even faster! We would love to see you in your new custom tee, share your photos with us on our Facebook pageInstagram, and Pinterest!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Craze

The holidays are arguably one of the best parts of the winter season: candy canes, snowflakes, warm cookies for Santa…and let’s not forget about ugly Christmas sweaters! These “ugly” sweaters have now become one of the trendiest choices for holiday clothing.

Don’t believe me? Let’s see what Google says:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Google Trends

According to Google Trends, the search for “ugly Christmas sweater” has tripled from 2013 to 2014 and increased over tenfold from 2009 to today. It has gained enormous popularity in North America in recent years.

And it’s not hard to see why. These sweaters are great for gatherings. People love a good party theme or conversation starter for holiday events, and ugly Christmas sweaters bring all of that to the table. The sweaters also tend to bring back memories during this nostalgic time of the year. Remember that ugly Christmas sweater your nana knit for you when you were little? For many of us, ugly Christmas sweaters are a part of our childhood memories, and we are simply not ready to let them go just yet.

Don’t fall behind on the latest sweater craze. Make your own ugly Christmas sweater today! Yes, you heard it right. You won’t need your nana’s knitting skills to customize your very own one-of-a-kind Christmas sweatshirt. And the best part? It’s prickly-free!

We’ve picked out the perfect selection of sweatshirts for you. Don’t forget to dazzle us with your creative designs and submit your photos here! 

‘Tis the Season of Custom Tees

As the weather is cooling down, holiday spirit is heating up. During the holidays, figuring out the perfect gift for your loved ones can be stressful. But don’t worry – try creating a personalized present to show exactly how thoughtful you are! You can always create customized apparel with the ooShirts’ design app. A customized tee or seasonal hoodie can deliver a personalized message to be cherished for years to come.



When giving gifts to friends, some of you will resort to the same generic gifts you’ve given in the past, or even worse, gift cards you’ve spent 5 minutes on preparing. But for this season, why not quote an inside joke you’ve shared, a picture capturing your friendship, or a cheesy love note that shows how you feel about him/her! Imagine your BFF’s big smile when he or she opens your gift specially crafted around your friendship!

The Gildan T-shirt is great for unique designs with its 62 color choices accommodating any creative design. The Hanes 10 oz. Ultimate Cotton Fleece Crew is another chic yet cozy choice that will keep your pal wrapped in warmth while reminded of your thoughtfulness.



Grandparents and parents love to talk about their grandkids and kids. Nothing would make nana happier than a “Best Grandma Ever” tee gifted by her grandkids. She will definitely be using it as a conversation starter with all of her friends. “Oh this shirt? My grandson custom designed it just for me!” You can just imagine the pride and happiness flowing from your grandma’s grin.

We recommend the Bella Ladies Crew Neck Jersey for moms and grandmas. It’s sized from S to 2XL with 4.2 oz 100% ringspun cotton that’s both comfortable and stylish. The American Apparel Jersey T-shirt is a classic high quality and perfect fitting tee that works for any casual occasions as well.

The possibilities are endless with custom holiday apparel. Make your loved one feel special with a unique design from you. Custom apparel generally takes 2-3 weeks to make and ship, and planning ahead is key in reducing holiday shopping stress. ooShirts wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

What’s Your T-Shirt Made of?

We carry a large selection of t-shirts varied in style, color, functionality, and material. Most shirts are composed of a proportion of cotton to polyester. This week we want to give you a few tips on choosing the right material for your perfect custom t-shirt.


Cotton is the most common and widely used material for t-shirts. It is a natural product harvested from cotton plant, spun into fibers. One benefit of cotton is that it is very absorbent. This is advantageous for people who are more active and more likely to sweat. Cotton t-shirts are also very soft to touch and hugs the skin comfortably; however, it is more prone to wrinkling.

PolyesterPolyester is manufactured by mixing different chemicals together, creating a strong and durable fiber that makes it more resistant to wrinkling. Polyester resists stains and shrinkage better than cotton because of its chemical make-up, as it can hold its shape better than cotton. However, polyester might not be as breathable and absorbent as cotton fabric.

Blend Fabrics

Due to the unique advantages and disadvantages of both cotton and polyester, mixture blends were created of the two materials as a compromising solution of the two. For example, Gildan Ultra Blend 50/50 T-shirt is a mixture of 50% preshrunk cotton and 50% polyester. It is a great loose fitting athletic shirt that will help keep you cool and dry in hot weather or during physical activity while resisting stains.

Cotton and polyester are both great fabrics for custom t-shirts. Comment below to let us know what your favorite custom t-shirt styles and fabrics are!