5 Hot Items for Chilly Weather

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you probably noticed it’s been colder than usual. Bundling up doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style too. Here are 5 hot ooShirts items for chilly weather!

1. Trending: Zipper Up! 

It was hard to miss the zipper sweater trend during Fashion Week 2017, and it’s no surprise why. This popular look provides style, warmth, and versatility.

When designing, always keep in mind how the zipper will affect the look. I like to place the logo/art in the top right quadrant so nothing gets cut in half. Pictured above is our American Apparel zip hoodie in “Menthe” teal. 

2. 90s Love: The Sweatshirt

If you’re like me, you have at least one classic 90s sweatshirt in your collection. There’s a good reason why—they’re super simple, warm, and soft. Sweatshirts are perfect for outdoor activities and even look great when worn over flannels or button-ups.

Try out a snow white look with bright colors for a modern take on a classic. Pictured is our Gildan Crewneck Sweatshirt with “Heliconia” pink ink.

3. Long-Sleeves, Please

Although not as common as the basic tee, long-sleeved shirts are always a cool way to stay warm. Perfect for those sunny afternoons when a t-shirt just isn’t enough.

I recommend a center logo/image when designing long-sleeved shirts so your art is always on display—even when wearing an open-front jacket or coat. 

4. Comfy Sweats

Sweatpants are my personal go-to item for brisk mornings and gym days. Plus, everyone can make space for another pair—you can’t say no to a super comfy pair of sweats!

My design tip for sweatpants is to keep it simple. Stick to colors that represent your brand or purpose. Pictured above is our Gildan 50/50 sweatpant—super soft with jersey-lined side seam pockets.

5. Don’t Forget the Kids!

ooShirts is proud to offer a selection of hooded sweatshirts in youth sizes too! Kids constantly outgrow their sweaters, so a new hoodie is always in need.

I like to avoid lighter colors when designing youth hoodies because we all know it’s going to get worn way too much. I used a “True Red” in our Jerzees Youth 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt.

Design Your Own!

Every design you see above was created on ooShirt’s design app, and I literally spent just a few minutes making each one! Check out our site for even more cold-weather styles so you and your friends can stay warm this winter season.

Happy New Year from ooShirts!

With a new year comes a new start, and we’re excited to share what’s to come in 2017. Per New Year’s tradition, we’ve put together our 2 main resolutions for the new year.

1. Better Customer Service
Our top priority in 2017 is providing faster and better customer service. This means we’ll be taking big steps towards improving your overall satisfaction with ooShirts by being:

  • Faster:  We aim to lower email response times to under 4 hours
  • Stronger: We’re hiring more customer support reps to help reduce wait times
  • Better:  Extended customer services hours with an aim of 24-hour service by March

2. Faster Production
For 2017, we’ve made expansions to our production which means faster turnaround times so we can be ahead of schedule in t-shirt production. This will allow us to meet our goal of delivering as many items as we can before the guaranteed delivery date.

Featured Designs of 2016
We love to see the designs our customers come up with. Here’s a couple of our favorites!

Happy Holidays from ooShirts!

While the holidays are mostly over, we still wanted to send you some cheer! We hope you had a wonderful season, and we look forward to making your custom t-shirts in 2017!


ooShirts Improved Turnaround Times

We are excited to announce that we’ve drastically improved our turnaround times beginning this year! We’ve improved our facility workflow and expanded our printing capacity. Now all your DTG orders are being printed within 2.6 days on average, showing a 100% improvement since August of last year. Screen print orders are being printed at 4.2 days on average.

Remember you can always keep a close look on your order by checking the status here. Below is a real-time turnaround time report from our facilities today:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.56.39 AM.png

In case you are wondering, DTG printing stands for direct-to-garment printing. It is printing of digital images from a computer onto garments through the use of an inkjet printer. DTG printing allows for small orders to be printed at a reasonable price. All orders of 12 garments or below are printed using DTG method.

Screen printing has a more expensive and labor-intense setup. However, once we’ve set up the screen, the per-unit cost of screen printing is much cheaper than that of DTG. It is much more cost effective for larger orders. We use the screen printing method for orders of 12 garments and above. Both of these printing methods have exceptional detailed and vibrant print quality.

With our new improved system and capacity, we are able to deliver your custom t-shirts at your door even faster! We would love to see you in your new custom tee, share your photos with us on our Facebook pageInstagram, and Pinterest!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Craze

The holidays are arguably one of the best parts of the winter season: candy canes, snowflakes, warm cookies for Santa…and let’s not forget about ugly Christmas sweaters! These “ugly” sweaters have now become one of the trendiest choices for holiday clothing.

Don’t believe me? Let’s see what Google says:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Google Trends

According to Google Trends, the search for “ugly Christmas sweater” has tripled from 2013 to 2014 and increased over tenfold from 2009 to today. It has gained enormous popularity in North America in recent years.

And it’s not hard to see why. These sweaters are great for gatherings. People love a good party theme or conversation starter for holiday events, and ugly Christmas sweaters bring all of that to the table. The sweaters also tend to bring back memories during this nostalgic time of the year. Remember that ugly Christmas sweater your nana knit for you when you were little? For many of us, ugly Christmas sweaters are a part of our childhood memories, and we are simply not ready to let them go just yet.

Don’t fall behind on the latest sweater craze. Make your own ugly Christmas sweater today! Yes, you heard it right. You won’t need your nana’s knitting skills to customize your very own one-of-a-kind Christmas sweatshirt. And the best part? It’s prickly-free!

We’ve picked out the perfect selection of sweatshirts for you. Don’t forget to dazzle us with your creative designs and submit your photos here! 

‘Tis the Season of Custom Tees

As the weather is cooling down, holiday spirit is heating up. During the holidays, figuring out the perfect gift for your loved ones can be stressful. But don’t worry – try creating a personalized present to show exactly how thoughtful you are! You can always create customized apparel with the ooShirts’ design app. A customized tee or seasonal hoodie can deliver a personalized message to be cherished for years to come.



When giving gifts to friends, some of you will resort to the same generic gifts you’ve given in the past, or even worse, gift cards you’ve spent 5 minutes on preparing. But for this season, why not quote an inside joke you’ve shared, a picture capturing your friendship, or a cheesy love note that shows how you feel about him/her! Imagine your BFF’s big smile when he or she opens your gift specially crafted around your friendship!

The Gildan T-shirt is great for unique designs with its 62 color choices accommodating any creative design. The Hanes 10 oz. Ultimate Cotton Fleece Crew is another chic yet cozy choice that will keep your pal wrapped in warmth while reminded of your thoughtfulness.



Grandparents and parents love to talk about their grandkids and kids. Nothing would make nana happier than a “Best Grandma Ever” tee gifted by her grandkids. She will definitely be using it as a conversation starter with all of her friends. “Oh this shirt? My grandson custom designed it just for me!” You can just imagine the pride and happiness flowing from your grandma’s grin.

We recommend the Bella Ladies Crew Neck Jersey for moms and grandmas. It’s sized from S to 2XL with 4.2 oz 100% ringspun cotton that’s both comfortable and stylish. The American Apparel Jersey T-shirt is a classic high quality and perfect fitting tee that works for any casual occasions as well.

The possibilities are endless with custom holiday apparel. Make your loved one feel special with a unique design from you. Custom apparel generally takes 2-3 weeks to make and ship, and planning ahead is key in reducing holiday shopping stress. ooShirts wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

What’s Your T-Shirt Made of?

We carry a large selection of t-shirts varied in style, color, functionality, and material. Most shirts are composed of a proportion of cotton to polyester. This week we want to give you a few tips on choosing the right material for your perfect custom t-shirt.


Cotton is the most common and widely used material for t-shirts. It is a natural product harvested from cotton plant, spun into fibers. One benefit of cotton is that it is very absorbent. This is advantageous for people who are more active and more likely to sweat. Cotton t-shirts are also very soft to touch and hugs the skin comfortably; however, it is more prone to wrinkling.

PolyesterPolyester is manufactured by mixing different chemicals together, creating a strong and durable fiber that makes it more resistant to wrinkling. Polyester resists stains and shrinkage better than cotton because of its chemical make-up, as it can hold its shape better than cotton. However, polyester might not be as breathable and absorbent as cotton fabric.

Blend Fabrics

Due to the unique advantages and disadvantages of both cotton and polyester, mixture blends were created of the two materials as a compromising solution of the two. For example, Gildan Ultra Blend 50/50 T-shirt is a mixture of 50% preshrunk cotton and 50% polyester. It is a great loose fitting athletic shirt that will help keep you cool and dry in hot weather or during physical activity while resisting stains.

Cotton and polyester are both great fabrics for custom t-shirts. Comment below to let us know what your favorite custom t-shirt styles and fabrics are!

Top 10 Clever and Funny Engineer Team Slogans


Having trouble coming up with fun slogans for your engineering team? We’ve complied a list of fun and clever engineer related sayings to inspire your custom t-shirts for your team. Check them out below and let us know in the comments if you have one you’d like to share!

10 Funny & Clever Engineer Sayings

Keep Calm and CTRL+Z



Don’t Drink and Derive


Bits Please


Popping (and locking) the stack

Instant Engineer Just Add Coffee


Hopefully these slogans were helpful for your next order of custom t-shirts for your engineering team. We look forward to seeing your creative designs!

Upcycle Old Tees

Everybody has that one special T-shirt that they just can’t seem to part ways with. You’ve probably had it for a decade and it may be falling apart at the seams, but throwing it out seems like an unimaginable thing to do. Thankfully, you don’t have to! Don’t toss your well-worn T-shirt into the dumpster just quite yet. If you channel your inner Martha Stewart, you can resurrect even the rattiest of garments into something unexpected and new. Everything from braided accessories to fun things for the house. To help you hold onto those old T-shirts a little bit longer, we’ve gathered 5 easy and fun ways to put your old t-shirt back to use.


Nearly every major event in life is marked with a special tshirt. Anything from clubs, teams, sports, to concerts. The latest craze is to recycle shirts is by turning them into a keepsake t-shirt quilt. This is a very clever way to keep those tees in circulation. Preserve these special life moments with a quilt that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Don’t have time to learn the trade of making a quilt? You can find companies online that will take your old t-shirts and do this for you!

Dog Toys

Tired of your pup chewing on your favorite shoes? Dog toys often don’t last long and can become expensive to keep replacing. So why not make your own homemade chew toys for your dog?  With a few old t-shirts you can make a quick and easy toy to keep your furry friend entertaine

  1. Cut 2-3” wide slits at the base of your shirts. After you’ve cut your slits, just rip or cut along the slit to create strips of fabric for the next step.

  2. Gather your t-shirt strips and tie off one end.

  3. Divide your strips into thirds and braid them together.

  4. Once you’ve braided down to the other end, tie up the bottom and cut any straggling t-shirt strips.

Fashion Scarves

Your dresser drawers can’t possibly handle any more “nightgowns,” especially when you never actually wear them. Turning an oversized t-shirt into a trendy scarf is down right easy to do.  Anyone who can operate a pair of scissors can make one if they’ve got just two minutes of spare time.

  1. Cut across the shirt at the underarm. If a bit of the shirt’s design gets cut with it, don’t worry. It most likely won’t show.

  2. Take the cut-off bottom half of the shirt and stretch the loop out as much as you can. Loop it around the bottom of your foot and pull up to get a good stretch.


Sometimes you just can’t avoid a bad hair day. You need a quick and easy way to get that mop on your head under control. With three strips of t-shirt, tie a knot in one end. Then braid the strips. When you get the end, tie another knot. Then tie the two ends together – that’s it!!

Tote Bags

Did you know plastic shopping bags are typically used for less than 30 minutes ? The average American uses around 288 bags a year and only 1% of them are recycled. That’s about  22,000 plastic bags used in an average person’s lifetime. Go green and make your own recycled t-shirt tote bag.

  1. Cut off the sleeves. Since you are ditching the sleeves it doesn’t matter if you use a short or long sleeve t-shirt.

  2. Cut off the neckline. You could turn the shirt inside out and trace the outline of a bowl before cutting. This will give you a clean line to follow. Decide where you want the bottom of the bag to be and trace a line across it. Keep in mind that the fabric is likely to stretch and become longer when you fill your tote up with stuff.

  3. Cut slits from the bottom of the shirt up to the line marking the bottom of your bag. You’ll want to cut both the front and back layers together because they need to match up for the next step.

  4. Knot the slits together to close the sides.

Old t-shirts are great for crafting, even ones that could no longer be worn.  Hope these ideas sparked some inspirations to put your old shirts to use. Comment below to let us know how you DIY your retired t-shirts!

Back to School

Summer is coming to an end which also means the new semester is right around the corner! One thing’s for sure, each new year leads to new memories and new t-shirts that document them. ooShirts has all your custom apparel needs covered to start the year off with a bang.

School Spirit

Represent your school loud and proud by putting it front and center on a t-shirt. We offer a great selection of styles in a variety of different colors. You can create the perfect spirit apparel in our unique design lab. Our design lab allows you to upload your own school logo. Don’t have a school logo or mascot? Not a problem! Create your own by searching through our clip art section. We have thousands of school related images that you can choose from.

If your school has unique colors that you do not see in our standard ink selection we are able to color match for an additional $5. Just provide us with a PMS code (pantone matching system) and we will take care of the rest.

Class Tees

Seniors – you have put your three years in and you want everyone to know you are finally a 4th year! Strut the halls in an awesome class tee to make the underclassmen jealous. Custom t-shirts are an excellent way to showcase your class spirit. Quirky quotes and graduation dates are trends that we have seen make great design ideas. Get a few classmates together and design a few shirts. Then present them to your entire class and take a vote on which one they like best.

Kings & Queens of 2016

Live more. Laugh more. Sophomore.

Feelin’ the V18E

May the Frosh be With You

On a scale of 1-10, we’re a 16

Fundraising Idea

So the Key Club is running a little low on funds for its fall semester project. How do you resolve this issue? Selling school spirit t-shirts at the Friday night football game is a fantastic fundraising idea. ooShirts offers a variety of custom printing apparels that you could take advantage of. Cut-out tanks for the hot summer days or cozy hoodies for the winter months will surely help you easily attract sales for your fundraiser.

Jerseys & Uniforms

When playing for a school it is important to make sure your team looks unified. Besides helping with team unity, uniforms can also form a sense of identity. Wearing your custom sports apparel helps you feel like you’re part of something larger than yourself.

One of the most important factors about sports uniforms is the fabric, which should be lightweight, breathable, and durable. ooShirts carries over 40 different styles and colors of athletic apparel containing those qualities. Check out our performance gear section for your team’s uniform needs this season.

ooShirts is the ultimate one-stop shop for all of your school t-shirt needs this year. You won’t have to wait long for your shirts, since we guarantee a 2 week turnaround time. Our friendly customer service team is standing by waiting to help and answer any questions you have. Give us a call: 866-660-8666 or email us at help@ooshirts.com!

Keeping Custom T-Shirt Printing Prices Low for The New School Year

The new school year is right around the corner! Today we want to give you some tips on keeping custom t-shirt printing prices low for the new teams and clubs you’ll be a part of this semester. At ooShirts we pride ourselves in providing low cost custom shirts. But there are still some additional tips we want to share with you to make custom printing even more affordable.

T-Shirt Color

Did you know the color of t-shirts can impact the price of your custom t-shirt? Printing on light colored shirts is cheaper than printing on darker ones because the latter is more labor intensive. White shirts are the cheapest to print on and black shirts are the most expensive.

Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing

Screen printing is the more traditional method of t-shirt printing where a stencil is used to press the entire image at once. Creating the stencil is the most time consuming part of the process, but once it is done, many shirts can be created quickly. If your shirts are being screen printed, then the number of colors in your design will impact the price.

Digital printing is a newer method of custom printing. Digital printers are somewhat like computer printers, but significantly larger and more complex. The number of colors in your design does not affect the price for digital printing. It is the best to use digital printing for a few shirts with multiple colors.

T-Shirt Style

Different shirt styles and brands also play a huge part in determining the price of your custom t-shirts. Each style and brand offers different advantages. Careful research on the right style of t-shirt for your needs could potentially save you a large fraction of the total cost. For example, Champion Tagless T-shirt is made of heavyweight cotton that is durable for work and sports in comparison to Anvil 100% Cotton T-shirt that is made of light-weight cotton designed to keep you cool all day.

Hope this article was helpful for designing your new custom shirts. ooShirts is always here to help if you need any further assistance and we wish you a wonderful new school year!