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Barbecue and Food Shirts

October 13, 2011 by colleen

Barbecue is so good. I’m not even hungry but I would eat so much barbecue right now. Meat, beer, the outdoors  - what is there not to love? I mean, aside from the outdoors, because those are clearly over-rated. But if, despite the outdoors, you still want custom barbecue t-shirts, ooShirts is now the best place to go. Our clip art does justice to the cholesterol that makes barbecue so great. Put on one of these shirts and you will feel your arteries clogging.

It’s October, though, so perhaps this kind of t-shirt would be seasonally inappropriate. Or maybe you’re healthy or vegetarian. Or maybe you can’t get over how annoying the outdoors are. Chances are you still eat, so we have other clip art to make excellent custom food t-shirts. We don’t have any anorexia clip art at this time, so if you don’t eat then I’m not sure what to say. Actually, try looking at some of this clip art and see if that doesn’t clear your eating disorder right up!

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