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September 11, 2012 by ooshirts

We are well into my favorite season of the year–baseball season. This has been quite a magical year for us here in the east bay of California. Why? You may ask. Because the A’s are actually winning! If you are not familiar with the A’s record then let me tell you this is about as common as seeing a moonbow of the night of a blue moon. (Yes, a moonbow is a real thing. I looked it up.) Now all of us loyal fans have something to do at the game other than boo the opposite team.

No matter where you are or how your team is doing this year, you can support them with a custom baseball shirts. Rather than pay top dollar at the stadium, you can create your own custom design using our clip art. Support your hometown baseball or softball team with your favorite player’s team name and number. Or order our two-button baseball jersey for the whole little league team!

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