Full Color Digital Printing

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You may have noticed that most custom t-shirts you see are monochromatic, and often have simpler designs than would be ideal. This is because the silk screen process requires all the colors to be separated and applied as different layers. Each layer makes the shirt a bit more expensive because it needs to be set up properly. Because of the technique's popularity, most t-shirts made on custom sites like this are silk screens.

However, if you want to make a complex piece of art, digital printing is the way to go! There are no minimum quantities for this style, allowing you to purchase as many or as few shirts as you need. Digital printing also means no price penalty for infinite colors, so you can have as detailed a shirt as you want, color-wise, without having to pay dearly like you would with a silk screen print. And as an added bonus, the digital print functions like a printer more than a paint stamp, so if you want a silky smooth shirt front, this is the choice for you.