When Your Shirts Will Arrive

So you've designed your shirt and it looks fantastic. Now you're wondering when it'll arrive.

Complimentary Shipping

Because we have print departments around the country, ooShirts is able to provide complimentary shipping. Since our shirts are being shipped from a location near you, we can cover the cost. Free shipping has a two-week turnaround from the date that you order.

Rush Shipping

Rush shipping has a one-week turnaround from the date that you order. It costs an additional twenty-five percent of your order total. If you need your order sooner than two weeks, or just cannot restrain your enthusiasm, this is the option for you.

Super-Rush Shipping

Got a t-shirt emergency? Call us at (510)984-4679 to see if we can super-rush ship your order. Super rush shipping gets your order to you in approximately three days and costs forty percent of your order total. This option is not available to select on our website because we cannot guarantee that it will be available. Give us a call so we can determine if your location, quantities and design would make it possible.