What Can Be Combined in an Order

We get a lot of calls from customers wondering how or if they can combine orders. Let's try to clear this up!

Same design, different shirt

If you are having the same design with the same color printed on different shirts, you can combine this into one order. Combining orders will save you money overall. You can also combine orders that are being printed on shirts of different colors and/or different styles/brands. Adding another shirt style can be done at the Order Summary page during the Checkout process.

Names and numbers

Shirts with the same primary design can have custom names and numbers printed on them. Custom numbers will add an extra $3 to the price of each shirt and names will be an extra $5. You can find more information on how to do this in the Team names and numbers area of our Help Center.

Same design but in different colors

Unfortunately, this will have to processed as two different orders. We cannot put different colors of ink onto the same screen, so we have to make a second set. Making the screens is the most expensive part of the process, so the two orders will have to be separated.

Shipping your separate orders

Even if we have to process your orders separately, we will most likely send all of your shirts together if you order them at the same time. Shipping is free either way, so this shouldn't impact your overall cost.