Using the Design Lab

It's easy to make custom t-shirts in the ooShirts Design Lab as long as you know how to use it. The Design Lab has two windows. The window on the right-hand side shows you a preview of your shirt. The window on the left-hand side has functions you can perform on your shirt.

Buttons Above the Left-Hand Window

There is a row of five buttons above the left-hand window. These buttons cover the most basic functions regarding your shirt. Here they are, from left to right:

»Choose Shirt This is how you change the brand/style/or color of shirt you're designing on. It's a circular refresh arrow next to the word "shirt".
»Add TextThis button lets you add text and change fonts/colors.
»Add ClipartThis button allows you to browse through our clipart library and add images to your design.
»Upload Image The upload image button allows you to place your own photos or images onto your shirt.
»Personalize This button allows you to add names or numbers to a t-shirt design. This function is great for team shirts or jerseys.

Right-Hand Window

»Switch Side Adjust the view of your t-shirt using one of the four images to the right of the preview. We are able to print on the front, back, or sleeves.
»Undo Go back one step.
»Contact Us Click this to open a chat with one of our customer service representatives.
»To move your image simply drag and drop the image across the available canvas space on the shirt.

Top Right Buttons

These buttons are generally used once you've wrapped up your design.

»Save Design generates a link so that you can retrieve your design or show it to others
»Quote & Buy make your purchase and we'll be sure to deliver your shirts within 2 weeks!