Shirts On Time

Custom t-shirts are often ordered for events. This means that they absolutely have to arrive by a certain date, or else all is for naught! At ooShirts of course we guarantee that your shirts will arrive to you by the date we promise. The following are some tips on how to ensure that guaranteed arrival date be when (or before) you need it:

Timing Your Order

If you look on the right-hand side of our homepage, there are two calendars to tell you the different dates that your shirts will arrive depending on whether you choose Complimentary Shipping or Rush. If you have an event coming up, start your design more than two weeks in advance so that you can take advantage of the complimentary shipping option. Place your order so that the shirts are scheduled to arrive before the date of your event to save yourself the stress!

Super Rush Shipping

Super-Rush Shipping is an option that we cannot always guarantee but can sometimes arrange. Super-Rush gets your shirts to you in two to four days of placing your order and costs forty percent of your order total. Give us a call to find out if, for your deadline/location/quantity of shirts, Super-Rush shipping is an option for you.

Last Minute Changes

If you realize that your order isn't perfect only after you've placed it, what recourse do you have - especially if you still need the shirts to arrive by the guaranteed date? Time is of the essence. Adding shirts to your order or asking for a proof is only possible if requested extremely soon after your order has been placed. If you call us back the same day, or possibly the following morning if it's first thing (8-9AM PST)we can make an adjustment for you, problem free. If it's any later, your order will most likely be delayed or we will not be able to fulfill the request at all.

We want you to your shirts when you want them. Follow these tips to help us help you!