Getting The Most From Your Quote

Customers love our quote generator because it's easy to use. Here's how to make sure you get the most accurate quote.

Know Your Sizes

Sizes XXL and bigger cost slightly more than S-XL so make sure to know how many of these larger sizes are going to be in your order. There is no difference between the prices of S-XL, and no difference between the prices of XXL-XXXXL, so you just need to enter the correct quantities for these groupings because that's where the price break is.

Know What Color Of Shirt Your Ordering

Printing on dark shirts costs more than printing on lighter shirts, even if the design is exactly the same. If you change the color of your shirt, make sure to get a new quote that reflects the price for that specific color.

If You're Combining Multiple Shirt Styles

Unfortunately, the quote generator cannot get an accurate quote on an order that combines shirt styles. If you make your design on one of the shirt styles that you're going to order and then proceed to Checkout, you'll get to the Order Summary page where you can click the "Add another shirt style" link near the top. Add your other shirt style, color and quantities. You'll get a new order total that reflects the price of the combined shirt order without having to go any further through Checkout. You won't have entered your credit card number or any personal information but you'll have an extremely accurate quote.

Custom Names And Numbers

Custom names cost $5 per shirt and numbers cost $3. The quote generator will not reflect this price, so that's a bit of math that you will have to do yourself. The good news is, when you're entering the number of colors in your design, do not count the custom names and numbers as a color. Win!