Custom T-Shirts for College Students

(NOTE: This article is outdated. Please refer to the new and improved Custom Shirts for College Students piece).

You're a student at a prestigious university. You've met a nice girl, you're getting good grades, and you've been making a lot of friends. Your professors like you and you really enjoy all the clubs you've decided to join this year. But, something's missing...

Could it be that what you are lacking from making your college experience a complete one is a set of custom matching shirts for you and your fellow mates?

Well if that's the case, ooShirts is your one-stop answer to all your custom shirt needs. We know what college life is like, and we know that a party really isn't a party without matching shirts for you and your boys.

At ooShirts, we know that people have very different wants and needs, and we are prepared for whatever your request may be. Perhaps you are going for a simple design, where some simple text to represent your group will suffice. Or maybe, you want to a bold shirt that stands out, with nothing but your group's name and a picture of a six pack of beer on the front. To make the most of your design, read our t-shirt design tips.

Or perhaps everything that I have been saying up until now has been terribly wrong, and your group/team is much more academic-based than the typical party organizations. In that case, we can certainly cater to your needs as well. If you look at our clipart collection, we have pictures of books, and worms, and computers, and other things that will put a smile on any glasses-wearing nerd's face.

Aha... I joke, I joke. But really, if college life seems like it's missing that one special thing that could take your college experience to new heights, I am pretty much 100% sure that what you need are some custom shirts from our trustworthy team at ooShirts. It doesn't have to be for academic groups either. You can always hit your hall up with some stylish T's to show that you are a true connoisseur of great clothing. Your intramural basketball team not living up to your high expectations? Well give them a performance boost with some custom jerseys to make your teamwork even tighter.

If you need custom shirts for whatever reason, there's no better place to order them than You will be happy, your wallet will be happy and your mates will be happy as well. If you ever find another site that beats our prices, please tell us so that we may first be in disbelief, and then proceed to lower our prices even more so that we may defend our title as the cheapest custom shirt company in the business.

ooShirts wants to help you obtain all your custom design clothing needs. Drop us a call or an email, and we can begin serving up you and your college community a marvelous batch of cheap custom shirts.