Custom Shirts for Charity Events

Charity events are great for the community but stressful for organizers. We'd like to help make one aspect of them easier, and that's ordering the t-shirts for your volunteers and staff. Here's how it works:

Working on a Budget

Part of what makes organizing a charity event stressful is the budget restraints. It's likely that you're going to be designing a shirt based, at least to some extent, on it's final price. ooShirts has an instant quote feature that you can update as you go.

Saving Money

These shirts are for charity so paying a bundle just doesn't make sense. You can save money in a variety of ways on our website. The bigger your event is, the less each shirt will cost because we offer significant discounts for bulk orders. We also charge less if you print on white shirts because we know it takes less labor on our end to print them.

Easy Ordering

Placing your order is fast and easy on our website. You do it entirely online and then just wait two weeks for the shirts to arrive at your door.