Adding shirts to your order

Sometimes things might not go as planned and you may end up having to change the quantity of shirts you ordered. While at ooShirts, we do our best to accommodate your needs for your order, changing the quantity of shirts can often be a tricky business. We adhere to a production schedule in order to efficiently and quickly process your order. While this means your order is guaranteed to arrive on time, it also means that there isn't much wiggle room for adjustments in case there is a mistake. That doesn't mean it's impossible to change your order.

Timing Punctuality is the key for adjusting your order. The most ideal time to submit a change to the number of shirts in your order is either the day of or the morning after you place your order. The reason for this is because we order our blanks in the morning (before 12 PM PST) following the order placement. This ensures that the shirts get to the printers quickly so that they can begin printing as soon as the artwork is done.

Please keep in mind that in order to add shirts to your order, it is imperative that you submit these changes quickly. If you overestimated the number of shirts you needed and would like to order fewer shirts, please be aware of--

Extra charges Unfortunately, if you want to make the quantity of shirts smaller and you submit your changes past the deadline, we will have to charge you a small fee. You'd still have to pay 10% of your order for the restocking fee for the shirts that you ordered but would no longer need. If you submit your changes soon enough, then this fee isn't a problem as we can just edit that change in our dashboard, again showing the importance of getting these changes in as promptly as you can.