Whether you’re a designer or just a very creative person, did you know you could capitalize on your creativity and bring your visions to life by selling your designs in online merch?

Today we’d like to introduce you to TeeChip, a marketplace that stores thousands of original designs created by people like yourself. This huge online store receives hundreds of millions of shoppers’ visits each year from all over the world.

Listing your designs for sale on TeeChip puts you up for big wins because it is completely free to use! You can get started with no risks, as credit cards are not required and there are no upfront costs. You don’t need to worry about minimum order requirements either, you will receive profits for every sale that your designs make, that’s even if your campaign gets only 1 sale.

Design and sell

Getting started on TeeChip is easy, all you have to do is head to teechip.com/sellers, and click on “Launch campaign”. If you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry! You’ll be directed to the login/sign up page, once you’ve created your account, you’ll be directed straight to the campaign creation page.

The process going forward is super simple:

1) You select the products that you would want your design to be showcased on, which include t-shirts, socks, mugs, posters, coasters, and many more items among a list of 26 different products!

2) Then you get to select a variety of color choices for your products.

3) Upload your artwork.

4) Set your own pricing for each product, and you’re good to go!

You will start receiving profits after your first sale, easy peasy.

Once your campaigns are up and running you have two options: either sit back, relax and let our automated marketing do the work for you, or you can take a more active role in generating sales and growing your business. TeeChip has a variety of resources available to help sellers increase their sales, like coupons, upsells, email marketing and more.
Taking full advantage of these tools will ensure bigger wins for you, the complete list can be found here https://blog.teechip.com/learn-2/

Leave it to the experts

Once you start using TeeChip to launch your products, all you’ll need to deal with is keeping your campaigns up to date, upload more and more designs and count your profits! Since you’re not required to buy any product beforehand, if a particular campaign doesn’t work out the way you expected or the season is low on sales, you won’t have to worry about holding inventory. TeeChip takes care of the rest: re-stocking products, fulfilling your orders, and handling customer service.

Join this evergrowing community of sellers, and create a unique shopping experience for your customers and a great opportunity for you to maximize your earnings with the minimum effort!

For more information on how to get started, set up your store or any doubts you may have, visit blog.teechip.com


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