American Apparel Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt

Product Details

2XS - 2XL (view sizing guide)
4.3 oz 100% Fine Jersey cotton.
Durable rib V-neckband for comfort and durability.
Strong, silky-soft material. Great-looking V-neck shirt available. Affordable pricing that is great for both casual and formal wear.

Customer Reviews

Average rating: 3.7 out of 5 (24 reviews)
"Shirt is accurate. Cotton is smooth. Deep V-neck. Very nice color—slate gray with a purple-ish hue. :)"
"Since it is invisible and hasn't arrived after being due many days ago, I would say the shirt is far from great. Would rate zero if allowed. "
"This looks completely different than when we were designing it. This was a mens shirt and it is very low v neck that has large seams around the v ..It looks like a girls shirt not a mens and it does not fit the same as the regular mens shirt we got a couple months ago. it is much small like a womens shirt. This was a waste of 35 bucks. "