Why School Football Fans Need Custom T-Shirts

We all need distractions from school. It can get incredibly intense work your butt off in a handful of classes, trying to score top marks in all of them. Luckily, the educational institution itself has incorporated great diversions from the stress of schoolwork into it's daily operation in the form of rallys, sports, dances, and so on. One thing that so many in junior high, high school, college and beyond absolutely love is their school's football team.

Mutual Support

Most of us know someone who plays or used to play Football. And even if you are not a huge fan of the sport, knowing how hard your friend works really gives you perspective on the incredible amount of work that goes into being a successful player. These players deserve support. Especially the college players. I was the biggest cynic of them all, attending a major university but refusing to get into the campus' football team. Eventually, however, I made a great friend who ended up being on the football team. Let me tell you what: even though he was just a part of the special teams, the hours of punishment he put himself through to be at the top of his game translated into a full time job on top of being a student. Secondly, I learned about the incredible amount of revenue that football generates for the university. These kids, my peers, are out punishing themselves for a shot at the pros while I get to enjoy the fruits of the labors in the form of both sports entertainment and new desks in my classrooms. A custom shirt with their name across it is an amazing way to show these guys your support. Choose your favorite t-shirt then customize it with your favorite player's name and number just like on a sports jersey.


Lakers/Celtics. Cal/Standford. USC/UCLA. Tennessee/Kentucky. The list goes on and on. One of the most fun aspects of sports is the legendary sports rivalry. They even start early. I remember my days at San Dimas High School and our rivalry with evil Bonita High School across town. We played every year for the coveted Smudgepot trophy. I also remember half the school making their own shirts at home to support our team and players. If you're doing the same sort of thing, grab some custom shirts from ooshirts instead. Everyone will look sharp and dedicated in our low-priced, professionally-made shirts. And why not design some "Beat Bonita" shirts while you're at it?