What Your Shirt Is Made Of

Weight, softness, breathability - these are the things that matter when you're wearing an item of clothing. This article will explain a bit about the different material options we offer so that you'll make an informed choice on what to get your design printed. View our Dressing for the Seasons page for information on what types of apparel items we offer for different weather conditions.

Ultra Cotton

Our Ultra Cotton offerings are heavier and denser than our standard 100% cotton. They usually weigh approximately twenty-percent more (around six ounces, as opposed to five). Ultra cotton feels a bit rougher to the touch but is also warmer and more durable.

50/50 Blend

The 50/50 Blend shirts are fifty-percent cotton and fifty-percent polyester. The combination of the two materials results in a shirt with the breathability of cotton with the smoothness and repeat wash-ability of polyester.

Ringspun Cotton

Ringspun cotton is characterized by an extra-soft feel. This is produced by the spinning process, which compacts the cotton fibers to create a finer thread. Since there is more fiber compacted into a smaller space, the resulting material is denser and more durable than regular cotton. Many of our Ladies' styles are made with ringspun cotton, which you can read more about in the Fashionable Custom T-Shirts Article.