Welcome Alien Life to Earth with a Custom T-Shirt

We live in what is aptly named the "Solar System." There used to be nine planets in it, but now there are eight (sorry Pluto). Our solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way has somewhere from 200-400 billion stars in it (like our sun). Each one of these stars may have any number of planets, and current estimates put the number of Earth-like planets around these at one in every four stars. The most current estimates guess that there are 100 to 200 galaxies in the entire universe, again each of which has hundreds of billions of stars. Why are you getting hit with all of this information? I am trying to prove the believability of aliens.

What to Expect

First contact with extraterrestrial life has been dreamed about for untold centuries. Ancient peoples even had stories about non-humans visiting from the stars. The thought excites humanity beyond belief. More recently, the prospect of alien life-forms have pervaded popular culture via science-fiction storytelling in novels, short stories, television and film. In fact, there was an awesome Star Trek film titled First Contact. With all of this hype surrounding the possibility of meeting alien life-forms, people have been stressing for years about how our first meeting will go. Will they be friendly or try to obliterate us all with incredibly advanced laser weapons? Will they offer us world peace and the chance to start a new life on a new planet, only to realize that the book has been a cookbook titled How to Cook Humans the whole time? We cannot know. But we can prepare. And the best way to be prepared to that fateful first meeting with alien life? A custom t-shirt of course!


Welcome, friends! We come in peace! Bring Elvis Home! Don't blow up the White House, else Will Smith's gonna get ya! There are an infinite (and beyond) number of shirt slogan possibilities. Be super creative and welcome extraterrestrials to our beautiful planet in style. The aliens will feel extra welcome, and all of the other humans will be jealous that they didn't think to welcome the aliens with a custom t-shirt first! Help usher in a new era of peace with the galactic community with a funny custom t-shirt today.