Visiting a World Expo

Types of Fairs

A world's fair, or world's exposition (expo for short) is a large public exhibition of things like new technologies, unique cultural demonstrations, country-specific architecture, gardening and agricultural techniques, and pretty much anything else. Historically, it has been a chance for countries to both show off their own developments, both culturally and technologically, and collaborate so the whole world can advance into the future together. In fact, there are several different themes for world's fairs. Some focused on industrialization, especially early fairs from 1851 to 1938; others focused on cultural exchange, especially from 1939 to 1987; and still others that came later focused on nation branding, wherein each nation has its own pavilion where it can show off its own advancements and "flavor." Much like Olympics shirts, customized tees for the world's fair are a great form of nation branding, and a great souvenir for showing off that you got to attend one.

Shirt Ideas

While there are lots of world's fair shirts available from past fairs, and surely new ones on sale when you hit the next one, making your own can be very fun and creative. Additionally, it will be a great opportunity for you to make some patriotic shirts to show off your American pride abroad. Don't go overboard, of course, but there is nothing wrong with being proud to be an American. Also, in the spirit of international cooperation that is behind all world's fairs, make some shirts for other countries; you can either sell them yourself (hey, what's wrong with making a few bucks?) or support your country of heritage.

If you are lucky enough to see a world's fair in your lifetime, I truly envy you. They only happen every few years, and they are all over the world. It is necessary to plan a whole foreign vacation around visiting one, the funds for which most people lack. The next one is coming up this summer in South Korea, and then after that not until 2015 in Italy! Start saving up, and I hope we can see each other there. Until then, youtube slide shows of beaches will have to do.