Unique Fake High School Shirts

Movies about fake schools and their late-20s-actors-playing-late-teens students are a dime a dozen. Everyone loves a good high school dramedy. Here are some suggestions of fake schools for which you can make a customized shirt that represents the school.

› San Dimas High School- All right, this one is actually a real school (and, coincidentally, my alma mater), but it's perfect for this list! I remember when I was in school there, a group of college guys planning on throwing a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure themed party came and bought 40 of our P.E. shirts. If you're not in Southern California, draw up your own "SDHS Football Rules!" shirt, and party on.

› Sunnydale High School- Did you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Neither did most people. But you know what? I did. It was awesome. Show off your true Whedon fandom with a "I went to Sunnydale High with Buffy Summers" shirt.

› Rydell High- Everyone loves Grease! One of the most popular musicals of all time, Grease took place at Rydell High. Look just like Danny Zuko in a Rydell sports jacket.

› Shermer High School- All of us spent a very slow yet enjoyable two hours here when we watched The Breakfast Club. "I got detention at Shermer High School" would be a great shirt for those who love this classic film.

› Hogwarts- There it is. The best school EVER. It is a fact that 10% of all of humanity is still crossing their fingers for their Hogwarts letter to arrive. Just make a Hogwarts shirt; you won't regret it. End of discussion.

Plenty of people make shirts for their school, but few make shirts for their favorite fake school. Show off some unique flair with a fake high school shirt designed at ooshirts.