Ultimate Frisbee T-Shirts

Ultimate Frisbee is a college tradition almost as old as the institution of education itself. Fun fact: President James Buchanan started the nation's first ultimate frisbee team at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania in 1808 (truth status pending). The fact is, everyone loves ultimate frisbee.

Team Shirts

When you are in high school and dream of going to college, there is no doubt that the quintessential "guys throwing a frisbee in the quad" are a staple of your fantasy. What your fantasy doesn't tell you is that these guys are the heads of the ultimate frisbee club. They have bi-weekly practices and games on Sunday afternoons. They play with guys and girls, big and small, because everyone can play ultimate frisbee. Why didn't your fantasy tell you all of this, though? Because they were not wearing any identifying clothing! Everyone loves feeling like part of a team, and ultimate frisbee is absolutely not an exception. The best way to feel like you're part of a team is to look like you're part of a team. Our custom athletic shirts and shorts are exactly what your team needs to let the competition know that you are about to bring the pain.


If you'd like some help getting started, our design blog has some great ideas for creating your perfect frisbee t-shirt. If there is one thing college clubs are good at, it's having a club t-shirt. Having a shirt for your team is a great way to both make the team feel like a team and to market your group. When you wear your shirt around campus, people will notice it and ask you for details. If you're trying to market your team to the campus community, a t-shirt is the perfect way for you to get the word out.