True Nerd Design Ideas

Nerds are huge right now; this is a fact. I think that since computers and smart phones have become such an integral part of daily life, and the video game industry has been servicing more patrons than it ever has, nerds have more reason than ever to strut their stuff. In fact, nerds are so popular right now (what?) that people are trying to imitate them with the "nerd chic" fashion craze. As defined by Urban Dictionary, nerd chic is "a fashionable and attractive, yet nerdy type appearance and lifestyle which far exceeds the classiness of the typical nerd." The masses have taken things like button-ups, black square-rimmed glasses and brown loafers, and turned them into trendy whatsits. As much as I may love it, I'm not here to write about that sort of stuff. I'm here to talk to the real nerds, the ones who are on the front lines keeping the world safe for css and the DCU forever. Here are some fun nerdy ideas to help you design your own t-shirt.


Who doesn't love math? All right, a lot of people. But for those of us that do, gosh; math is just way too much fun. When you've spent a half hour covering a page and a half with the work necessary to solve one epic equation, you feel pretty darn good. I thought it would be fun to put the longest, most difficult math equation you have ever solved onto a t-shirt. It would look super neat, and most likely impress more than a few people, who surely would have no idea what was going on. Elsewhere we've already discussed making chemistry shirts with your favorite chemical reactions on them. Don't tell anyone, but printing an upside down cheat sheet on your shirt is a great help for your math final as well!


The Green Lantern rocks. Please, just pretend like the movie never happened. Hal, Guy, Jon, Kyle...they're all fantastic Lanterns, and they're just the humans. Other superheroes are no doubt equally awesome. Heck, the X-Men originally got me into comic books. Everyone loves superheroes, whether that means you hit the comic book shop every Wednesday or you were stoked to get The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray. Make yourself an awesome superhero shirt. Keep in mind that federal copyright laws are incredibly strict, so you will have to be subtle about it. I have a dream of getting shirts with the oaths of all of the Lanterns Corps on them, and of course in their respective colors. I'd also love another shirt that lists all of the actors who have ever played Batman in a film. As you can see, there are tons of creative ways to pay tribute to your favorite heroes while staying within the bounds of the law.

Have fun designing your ideal nerdy shirt. If you'd like some gamer shirt ideas, well, we've got those too. Fight on brethren.