To Hood or Not to Hood

That is indeed the question. Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of each option.

To Hood

We have a great selection of hooded sweatshirts for you to customize. Hooded sweatshirts come with some baggage, however. They look more casual than their hood-less counterparts, and indeed make the wearer seem younger than he or she actually is. However, this is offset by their huge pro: there is a hood with which you can cover your head! Whether you are caught in a rain or a sand storm, super cold out, or just a terrible hair day, your hood will have your back in every situation. The drawstrings give you a unique sizing option so you can have it fit your head loosely or snugly.

Not to Hood

What if you don't want to look like a hooligan? We also have a nice selection of both sweatshirts and zip ups that come to you sans hood, for a most sophisticated look. If you are meeting you girlfriend's parents for the first time, a hood-less sweater is exactly what you want to impress them with. If you're volunteering for your local retirement home, a hood-less sweatshirt will ensure you don't frighten the residents. Finally, if you're getting a soda from 7-11, wearing a hood-less sweatshirt is as good as declaring "Don't worry, I'm not here to steal a candy bar." When you want to dress up but still be warm, a hood-less sweatshirt is exactly what you want.

Good luck with your sweatshirt choice. Whether you decide to hood or not to hood, ooshirts will have you covered. Or not, as it were.