Tips: Making Custom Shirts for Playing Outdoors

Kids will be kids: one of the most popular sayings around. But what does this mean? What can we really expect from kids? Are there ever really any constants when it comes to those young ones?

Facing the Elements

Kids love to play. They're always playing around aren't they? Making up games, throwing toys all around the house, pretending they are in their favorite movies and sliding down fire poles. One thing that you can always count on kids to do is get dirty. Kids love playing outside and they love making a mess. I remember back in the day when a puddle of mud was the best discovery any quiet afternoon could have hoped for. And if it was raining? Forget about it. Kids love rolling around in the dirt. However, this ends up being very stressful to parents for one important reason: the kids are often wearing their good clothes! More times than can be counted, children have run around outside and either gotten their good clothes very dirty or all torn up. How many times have you bought your child an expensive polo, only to find it stained and torn up a short week later? This is why I propose a custom "outdoors" shirt for your children.

Special Shirts Are Fun

Children love special things. My six year old sister, for example, loves putting on her velcro tennis shoes when she's gearing up to play in the backyard. Designing some custom "outdoors" shirts for your kids will be a fun way to save on clothing. Try checking out one of our 50/50 cotton and polyester blends in a dark color, and throw the words "Charlie's Outdoor Shirt" on the front of it. The 50/50 blend is more durable than a 100% cotton shirt, so you will get more use out of it. It will be harder to notice stains on a dark shirt. Finally, throwing a fun personalized phrase across the front of it will make your child excited to put on their outdoors shirt, and less likely to roll around in the mud before changing. Kids love personalized stuff, and the pride of wearing their own shirt made just for them will be almost overwhelming.

If you're tired of seeing shirt after shirt ruined because your child refuses to change before rolling around outside, try throwing a custom t-shirt their way and see how everyone's lives will get a little bit easier.