Theater Departments and Comedy Sportz: Shirts for Teams and Fans

When I was in school I loved the the school's theater group. They were some of the most fun people on campus, which is why I found most of my close friends there. If there was one defining characteristic that brought everyone together, it was their pride in themselves and their craft.


High school and college theater programs host several shows a year. An incredible amount of work goes into preparing and polishing these productions to the top notch level at which they are presented. An incredible amount of marketing also goes into every production; for what fun would a play presented to an empty room full of people offer? Theater groups try all sorts of tactics: word of mouth advertising, posters, writing on the chalkboards in every classroom, and t-shirts. ooshirts' custom shirts are the perfect way to market your play for weeks leading up to its presentation. Everyone around school will end up knowing about the play if everyone in the theater group has a shirt to wear to promote the show at least once a week. Also, if the arts are famous for anything, it's always being low on funding. Selling t-shirts to audience members at the play itself is a great way to raise money and offer a souvenir of an unforgettable performance.

Comedy Sportz

Another great group that I wish I had at my own school is Comedy Sportz. If you're unfamiliar with Comedy Sportz, imagine teams playing improvisation games against each other. Each team will play a game, and then the audience will vote each round on who they thought was the funniest. Comedy Sportz is an absolute riot, and if you've never had the opportunity to see a match you are really missing out. But don't panic! There are Comedy Sportz teams all around the world. Check out this map to see if there is a team near you. Why do I ramble on about the glory of Comedy Sportz? Because if you're a player, ooshirts is perfect for you! The players wear customized sweatpants and long sleeve t-shirts with the Comedy Sportz and their team logos on them. ooshirts has all of the products you need to customize the perfect outfit for your team. If you're just going to watch a friend or support a team, they will absolutely love seeing a customized t-shirt showing that support. And Comedy Sportz is definitely the kind of place that will call you out and give you a great applause for your creativity.

Whether you're marketing, trying to raise money, or looking to dress the members of your group, ooshirts is the perfect stop for all of your theater-related requests.