Social Advocacy T-Shirts

Countless Causes

Use Cloth Diapers! Go Green! Goldman Sacked! Occupy All Streets! The list is endless. Social, political, economic and environmental issues are a dime a dozen, and will never go away as long as there are still people in existence. I don't mean to present that as a bad thing; in fact, I think it is fantastic. It is great to see people care about things. The state of affairs this year haven't made it very hard to be socially active, or at least aware: a seemingly never ending economic crisis, global warming, and the culmination of people being generally upset about everything: the Occupy movement. The most important part of any "cause" or "movement" is grassroots advocacy. Whether it's the environment, a political campaign, or a civil rights issue, the people themselves need to hit the streets and generate interest in the cause. This is the same as marketing a business or event. An incredibly effective way to market such things is with customized t-shirts.

Advocacy and Fundraising

Putting your cause across both the front and back of a custom shirt is the perfect way to start spreading the word. Shirts transform their wearers into a human billboard. This translates to limitless advertising potential. If you want 100 or 1,000 people to read your advertisement, you simply need to walk past that many people on the street. Given that you can wear shirts countless times, you can really see how they offer limitless advertising potential. The other fantastic thing about using shirts for social advocacy is that they are a great opportunity for fundraising. If you can sell shirts to your group members, and then get them to sell them to their friends and the general public, suddenly you've found a great source of fundraising. We at ooshirts keep prices low so that you can maximize profits and put them toward your events.

Whatever cause you are fighting for, ooshirts will help you spread the word and do a little fundraising on the side. Godspeed.