Soccer Shirts for Everyone

Rising Popularity

Soccer, or Football as it's known everywhere else, is one of the most popular, challenging, and demanding sports on the scene. The highlight of soccer is the FIFA World Cup, held in a different country every four years. After three years and hundreds of qualifying matches, 32 teams from around the world compete in the final month-long tournament. Besides the Olympics themselves, this might be the biggest worldwide event. In America, soccer has seen rough times. It is one of the least popular sports among young and casual athletes. However, over the last few years there has been a massive surge in the sport's popularity. More and more young people are being attracted to soccer because of the heightened exposure of the last few World Cups, especially the most recent one when America did rather well. And not to mention that the American women's team made it to the Women's World Cup finals last summer! In fact, I had the pleasure of being acquainted with Alex Morgan while we were in school together at UC Berkeley. But I digress. The fact is that more people are playing soccer, and that means that soccer teams and their fans will need customized shirts!

Apparel for Everyone

It is important for soccer teams to have their own custom shirts. They need to look and feel like a team; there is no doubt that this translates to better performance on the field. Additionally, come to ooshirts to find custom shirts for fans. When you're sitting in your lawn chair on the sidelines of the field on a dew-y Saturday morning, you'll want to show everyone, especially the opposing team, that you have the most spirit and that your team will crush theirs.

Have fun looking good on the pitch in custom shirts from ooshirts.