Sizing Guide for Youth Shirts

Kids grow fast and often it can be difficult to select the right size for your child when purchasing garments online. If you know your child's dress size then you can always consult our one stop sizing guide. However, if you do not know your child's dress size or you just want more information on how to choose the right size, this handy sizing guide is here to help you.

How To Measure Your Child

Getting an accurate measurement is the first step to making sure you are ordering the correct size for your child. Measure just below the armpits and wrap the measuring tape all the way around the chest and back. The resulting number is your child's chest measurement.

Our Sizing Guide

Below is a sizing chart for all of our youth styles with the exception of the Gildan Youth Ultra Cotton shirt, which is sized differently. The top column shows the sizes listed on the website, the middle column shows the standard dress sizes, and the bottom column shows the corresponding chest measurements in inches.
2-4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20
20-22 24-26 28-30 32-34 36-38

Gildan Youth Ultra Cotton Sizing Guide

The Gildan Youth Ultra Cotton t-shirt runs a little bit larger than our other youth shirt styles, so we have included a separate sizing chart below for that shirt style as well.
6-8 10-12 14-16 18-20 22-24
24-26 28-30 32-34 36-38 40-42

When You Have To Guess

Sometimes you may not have access to a child's dress size or chest measurements. If you are ordering shirts for a family reunion or a summer camp and have to guess on the sizes, keep these tips in mind.
Too big is better than too small. Stay on the safe side and order one size larger than you think you will need. If it turns out to be too big, then your child can grow into it and keep it for longer.
If you are selecting sizes for an older adolescent or a young teenager, be aware that youth extra large does not correlate to an adult small. A youth extra large shirt is wider and shorter proportionally than an adult small shirt. If you are on the fence about whether to order a youth extra large or an adult small, it is probably best to order the adult small shirt.
We do not carry any infant clothing so youth extra small is the smallest shirt that we offer. This shirt will likely fit most toddlers. If you are bringing your baby to their first family reunion, order the youth extra small shirt for your baby to wear and have as a keepsake.