Shirts for the Olympic Games

Olympic History

The Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece right around 800 BCE. They featured athletics, feats of strength, combat, and chariot racing. A really cool part of the Games is that any conflict that was happening between any city-state at the time was put on hold until after the competition. As the Romans took over and gradually adapted and replaced others' culture and practices, the Olympics declines in importance until finally being officially outlawed right around 400 CE. Amazingly, the Games were not held again in any form until the late 1700s! From 1796 until exactly 100 years later, Paris, Britain, and other countries held their own local and national games from time to time (one of them, the Wenlock Olympian Games, continues annually to this day). Finally, in 1896, under the direction of the newly created International Olympic Committee, the first international Olympic Games were held in Athens. The games have been held every four years since, save in times of world war or intense protest.

Shirts for Fans and Athletes

Every time the Games are held, at least in my few short years, the media always spotlights four or five athletes over the weeks of competition. Heroes and villains are created, and country rivalries are exploited to make the Games more exciting for the general public to watch. I have absolutely no problem with this, I'm simply telling you that that's how it is. Last Winter Games (2010 I believe), Eve Muirhead and the rise in popularity of curling led my group of male friends and I to actually make an Eve Muirhead t-shirt design and scream, literally scream at the television as we watched the curling stones slowly make their way to their mark. And my goodness, I can't even tell you about all of the curling strategy discussions we had. My point, however, is that it is great fun making custom shirts for your role models of the day.

The Olympic Games are an exciting and special time for the world, a time when over 200 countries come together in the spirit of friendly competition and athletic prowess. Whether you want to make shirts for fans or athletes, get into the Olympic spirit with custom shirts from ooshirts.