Shirts for Singing Groups

A Cappella History

The college a cappella group is an honored university tradition. The oldest known collegiate a cappella group is The Rensselyrics of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue. The group was established in 1873! College a cappella groups have exploded in popularity since the 1980s. The number of groups has grown from around 300 up to the 1980s to well over 1200 today. Whereas groups used to focus on jazz and classical ensembles for their arrangements, the 1990s saw a shift in emphasis toward modern pop and rock songs. Our local university, UC Berkeley, has several groups, including all male, all female, co-ed and religious-themed choirs. And speaking of choirs, let's not forget about the other college singing groups! Gospel, baroque, and jazz choirs also have a prominent place in the music halls on campuses across the globe. Having been in an a cappella group myself when I was in college, I know well that every ensemble needs custom t-shirts.


College groups always need t-shirts. ooshirts is the best option for custom shirts for college students because we offer superior high quality products at incredibly low prices. And whatever price you see is what you pay- we ship your shirts to you for free. The group I was in looked super fresh in our black v-neck custom unisex tees that featured our group's name and logo. Whether your group is performing at their own own concert, an a cappella showcase or in the quad at noon on a Wednesday, everyone will feel great tricked out in their matching a cappella swag.*

*Hip college lingo added for dramatic and relatable purposes only.