Shirts for Religious Institutions and Events

Religious Events

About 83% of all adults in the United States are affiliated with a major religion. Interestingly, 78% of those are members of one sect or another of Christianity. Regardless of anyone's specific affiliation, it is clear that religion is popular, and plays a role (from minor to major) in a majority of people's lives. Barring any discussion about spirits, gods or the supernatural, religion does offer a great framework for living a good, moral life. Traditions and ceremonies are usually centered around being thankful for the material things we have, for appreciating family and friends, and for acknowledging and making a plan to help those less fortunate than we are. Everyone has their own (and usually different) opinion on religion, but it's pretty tough to argue against those basic tenets. And with respect to the last common aspect I detailed, helping those less fortunate than we, religious institutions run countless events with that goal in mind. From weekend retreats to car wash and bake sale fundraisers, church organizations are always looking to promote a new enriching event. And what's the best way to do that? Thousands of churches already know- customized t-shirts.

The Products You Need

Custom design shirts and sweatshirts are perfect for any church weekend retreat and fundraiser. Not only will they be great for marketing the event beforehand, they will continue to raise awareness for years to come as people continue to wear the shirts. Or maybe you are simply looking for a shirt to market your particular establishment? We have great religious t-shirt design tips in case you're not entirely certain on what to include on your shirt. A typical shirt will have the name of your church or temple, the name and date of any particular event, and a quote (maybe on the back) from a prominent teacher in your faith. And if a facet of your faith is environmental consciousness, we have custom organic shirts made of 100% organic cotton. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it for you.

Enjoy your event, raise money, have tons of fun, and be virtuous.