Shirts For Every Day of the Week

Just like it's fun to have a themed t-shirt for every month of the year, having a different themed shirt for every day of the week is a fun way to spice up even the most boring days (I'm looking at you, Wednesday). Here are some ideas for shirts themed according to the days of the week.

Monday- "Just another manic Monday." Someone looking bored, looking at their watching, Friday, Saturday and Sunday waving goodbye.

Tuesday- The day elections are held. Picture of a ballot or flag. Also the day the Great Stock Market crash of 1929 happened on. Stock market, money related stuff.

Wednesday- "Hump Day." Known as the "hump" of the work week. Picture of a hill, the words "Happy Hump Day."

Thursday- Named after the Norse god Thor. Picture of a hammer, depiction of Thor, Chris Hemsworth tribute. Also known as "Thirsty Thursday" by many college students. Party scenes.

Friday- T.G.I.F., Rebecca Black

Saturday- "This is my party shirt." Parties are always on Saturdays.

Sunday- "Lazy Sunday." Someone sleeping in or being generally lazy. Also the day people generally go to church, so Christian themes work today.

There you go with some ideas to kick start your days of the week t-shirt design ideas. Have fun!