Retrieving Your Design

If you've put the work into creating your perfect custom t-shirt then chances are you are not going to want to design it again later. Especially for those of you ordering for large groups of people or campus organizations where new members may be joining all the time, you're going to want your design to be on file.

In The Design Lab

We keep designs on file in our system for an extremely long time so it's likely that, as long as you have your Design ID#, you'll be able to at least look at your shirt for reference. On our homepage you'll see a link toward the upper-right hand corner that reads "Retrieve a Design" that will take you to an empty text field when you click it. That's where you'll enter the 8-digit code that was emailed to you when you initially saved your design. This should take you to your shirt.

What You Can Do

If it's only been a month or so since you placed the order that this shirt is saved in, you'll likely be able to just click Checkout and purchase it again. Aside from the Checkout process itself, there will be no extra steps.

If it's been several months since you placed your order, your design will have become inactive. That means that, while you are able to view it, it no longer links to any other part of the site. Unfortunately, you will have to start your design again.

At the Print Department

We do not automatically keep your screens at our print departments as we have too many orders coming in all the time. If you would like to have us keep your screens on file, we can do this by special request. Include this in the Notes section of the Additional Information page with a brief explanation of why you will be needing more (having a business or other organization that will require them again would be an example).

If you want to add shirts onto a pre-existing order you will need to call us right away, either the same day or early the morning following your order's placement.