Renaissance Resources: Clothing, Books, Festivals and More!

The changes and innovations that occurred during the Renaissance Period shaped the way we viewed art, music and literature forever. However, the most important thing that stemmed from this time period was not a physical item. It was a completely new way of looking at our own mortality. While there are a lot of romantic ideals that surround the European Renaissance, it's also very important to remember that living during this time was not glamorous, especially for those who did not have wealth. Instead, there was a stark cultural divide between the upper and lower classes, and the threat of disease was always present.

Renaissance History - What is the Renaissance?

One of the major culture altering events that led up to the Renaissance was the Black Plague. Over the course of two years (1348-1350), the epidemic wiped out large populations in Europe, causing the surviving people to view their own mortality in a different light. While people were shifting toward increased self-awareness, humanism, art ideals, culture and science progressed rapidly during the 14th-17th centuries. Looking back, scholars now refer to that time period as the Renaissance, or rebirth, due to the new ideals and innovation that emerged.

Renaissance Costumes and Apparel

Fashion trends during the Renaissance Period were very formal compared to our clothing today, and it included dresses, vests, overcoats, underskirts and bodices. The way people dressed during the Renaissance was influenced by their social status and wealth. For example, the fabric clothing was made out of was divided by class. Upper class individuals had access to the finest materials, which included cotton, whereas the working class was left with garments made out of flannel that they pieced together at home. If one is interested in creating their own Renaissance costume to wear, then they can find templates and designs online. However, it's important to note that not all of these designs produce an authentic looking garment; some are just for show.

Renaissance Festivals and Re-enactments

Just like any other significant historical event, many people enjoy participating in re-enactments of the Renaissance Period. In the United States, these are usually called Renaissance Festivals, and each state has their own festival that residents can attend. While at a Renaissance Festival, which is also sometimes called a Ren. Fair, people dress as though they are really in medieval times. A true re-enactment will feature authentic costumes, dialogue and food.

Renaissance Art and Literature

Some of the most influential pieces of art, literature and music emerged during the Renaissance. Paintings during this time are characterized by the use of oil paints and their overall realism. Many of the great paintings and sculptures that we still study today were produced in Italy. In addition to new art perspectives, European architecture also changed dramatically in an effort to improve upon its function and aesthetics.

Renaissance Websites

There are a lot of resources available online about the Renaissance Period. In addition to the clubs and associations that are set up to teach others about the time period, there are also many resources that go in depth about key figures, events and trends that occurred during the Renaissance. For example, medieval costumes and clothing is a very popular subject. Additionally, it's also possible to find resources about the different laws and customs that governed the people, like the sumptuary laws.