Placing Your Online Order

A lot of people are nervous to place orders online. Not being able to see and handle a product before you buy is makes online shopping feel like a gamble. Here's how to successfully order your custom t-shirts online!

The Upsides to Ordering Online

How can some people actually prefer to order from the internet? There are several reasons why making shirts online is the superior option.

»No need to waste gas or time driving to order/pickup your shirts.
»Get better prices.
»See exactly what your shirt will look like in the Design Lab.

How To Know What Will Fit

How can you know what size to order when you can't try it on first? Sizing tips can help you judge what size and style will fit and flatter you best. Most of our shirts run true to size, except for the Bellas, which run small.

Waiting For Your Shirts To Arrive

It can be nerve wracking (or exciting!) to wait for your shirts to arrive, particularly with a deadline fast-approaching. You want to plan in advance when ordering your shirts so that you can have the arrival date guaranteed to be when you need it. Getting your shirts on time is just as important to us as is it to you, so we'll do everything we can to help!