Patriotic Presidents Day Shirts

President's Day

President's Day and Abraham Lincoln's birthday are both important days in America. President's Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February in honor of the first president of our country, George Washington. For almost 100 years (since 1880) the day was devoted specifically to George Washington. In the last few decades, most states have expanded the holiday to be a day of recognition of all past Presidents. Additionally, several states in the Union recognize Abraham Lincoln's birthday, the 12th of February. Both of these holidays are times to honor past presidents and veterans, spend time with family, and reflect on those that have committed their lives to serving America.

Get Patriotic

So what do we do on holidays centered on American patriotism? Have a barbeque of course! Classic Fourth of July move. And since you already got custom shirts for the Fourth of July and for barbeques in general, you must complete the trifecta with a President's Day shirt. Make a custom shirt with your favorite President on it, along with his favorite quote. If you're into the classics, stick with an awesome Washington or Lincoln design. If you like a different, perhaps less popular President, it might be fun to make a shirt just for them and wear it on their birthday. If you ask me, James K. Polk deserves a whole week of acknowledgement.

Slap an American flag on the front over the heart and you've got yourself a bona fide patriotic President's Day t-shirt.