Our Other Apparel Items

I'm sorry, but our company name isn't entirely accurate. We're not just ooShirts - we're ooSweatsHoodiesTanksShortsAndMore. So in case you're not a t-shirt person, here are some tips on how to maximize your design on other items.


Custom-printed pants are great because they're unexpected. Pants are different from shirts in that they have seams going down the front and back. Since we can't print across seams, you have to look at the front as two separate sides and the back as two separate sides, for a maximum of four screens. So as you're designing you pants, be sure that your design is on either the right side or the left of the front or back.


Like the seams in pants, zippers divide the front of your garment into two separate sides. We cannot print a design across a zipper, so if you're getting a zip-up hoodie you'll want to get either a back design (because the back is all one side) or a breast-pocket design for the front.

Any Garment

No matter what you order, there are some general design tips that you should keep in mind. Using high resolution images (300dpi or more) will ensure that your design comes out sharp and clear. Use colors that contrast strongly with each other and against the color of your shirt.