Organic Cotton Tees

In addition to our standard cotton and cotton/polyester blend t-shirts, we also offer a selection of organic t-shirts for you to choose from. What is an "organic shirt," however?

Organic Cotton

When a shirt is labeled as "organic," that means that it is made with 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown with non-genetically modified plants without the use of any agricultural chemicals such as fertilizer or pesticides. Additionally, United States-based cotton plantations as a whole must meet requirements specified by the USDA in order to be considered organic. The benefits of organic cotton are many. The process for growing organic cotton promotes biodiversity in ecological systems, has a lower risk of insects and disease over the plants in the long term by taking advantage of habitat manipulation techniques, and ensures that there is no possibility of toxic chemicals ending up in the t-shirts that will in turn be worn by human beings. Finally, all of the handling facilities that deal with the cotton after it leaves the field must also be certified organic, and follow the same code of no pesticides or toxic chemicals.

Our Organic Tees

We have organic tees ready to be customized by everyone. We have both narrow fitting and regular unisex tees, a custom ladies shirt, and a custom youth shirt. Whether you're interested in promoting biodiversity, against the use of pesticides in your clothing, or just would like to support a fast-growing industry, a custom organic shirt is perfect for you.