Mothers Day Gifts

Mother's Day is one of the most beloved, and often under-appreciated, holidays in the world.


The holiday has its roots in the 1870 proclamation written by American abolitionist, social activist and poet Julia Ward Howe, entitled "Mother's Day Proclamation." Years later, Ann Jarvis founded the Mother's Day Work Clubs, groups that worked in their communities to improve sanitation and health conditions. Upon her death, her daughter Anna began the campaign to make Mother's Day a nationally recognized holiday. After seven years, her campaign was successful in 1914. After that, countries around the world adopted a form of the holiday and imbued it with their own respective traditions. Today common practices on Mother's Day include giving cards, gifts, and breakfast in bed. Look no further for that perfect gift idea: a custom shirt from ooshirts will put a huge smile on Mom's face.

The Perfect Gift

We've got a great selection of content in our clipart library, all ready for you to create the perfect style custom t-shirt that everyone in your family will love. We also have tons of fonts from you to select from, so you can type a personalized message with the perfect look. Your mother will love receiving a special t-shirt with all of your family members' names on it, or waking up to breakfast-in-bed and seeing her kids wearing matching custom t-shirts that showcase their devotion. Have a high-quality image you want on your shirt? No problem- just upload it onto our t-shirt design lab and the job's done! No matter what kind of personalized Mother's Day t-shirt you want to make, we'll give you feedback and print them on our highest quality shirts, meaning your present will last and last.

If there's one thing moms love of Mother's Day, it's seeing that you put extra thought into your gift. After all, the best gifts are the ones from the heart.