Marketing Your Art with Custom T-Shirts

T-Shirts offer great marketing opportunities for businesses and entertainers. This article will present how marketing on custom t-shirts is a great way for artists to display their art to the world.


Traditional artists have a remarkably difficult time marketing their work these days. With thousands of art programs and entire schools devoted to art around the world, it is harder than ever to stand out as an artist. Social networking sites have become a useful medium with which artists can show their work to the world, but for thousands of artists, even this tool has become over saturated and banal in terms of marketing. Many artists, especially in bigger cities, have taken to the streets and turned to selling their art to the casual passerby. It is clear that today's artists need to plan out an effective marketing strategy. A perfect place to start is marketing with t-shirts.

How We Can Help

Putting your art onto a t-shirt will effectively turn you into a human billboard. If you only get one copy of each of your pieces on a t-shirt, you will be a walking advertisement for your work. If anyone thinks the art is interesting, they will ask you where you got the shirt, and voila! You will have the opportunity to do some work for someone, or at least direct them to your website. Another great idea is to make an investment; get a bunch of custom t-shirts with your work on them. You can sell these shirts to family and friends, and eventually strangers. This will be good for you in two ways: you will make money from selling the shirts, and you will have more and more human billboards walking around, advertising your work to the world. Throw your website URL on the back of the shirt, and you're on your way to fame!