Lunchtime Sports Team Shirts

There are an incredible amount of opportunities for kids to play sports- after school teams, city leagues, etc. However, few kids take advantage of the most prime time to form a sports team: lunchtime at school.

Lunch Sports

Everyone's favorite time of school is lunch. I can show you thousands of yearbook polls that prove it. One of the best parts about lunch is that you get to play whatever sports you and your friends enjoy the most (basketball, handball and four square were my personal obsessions). A really fun idea for schoolchildren is to make team t-shirts for them and their friends' lunchtime sports teams.

Design Ideas

You can design shirts for yourself, such as "Basketball Superstar," or "BLANK School Number 1 Soccer Player" to get in your friends' heads. They won't be able to concentrate on their own game with your credentials staring them in the face like that. Alternatively, organizing your friends into teams and getting team shirts for everyone will both be a lot of fun, and make everyone feel like they are really playing for a team. Custom shirts for you and your friends' own sports teams will add a feeling of legitimacy and guarantee that everyone will have a lot more fun. Kids will be very excited to put on their team t-shirt every time they go out to play. When you're designing these, be sure to look at our tips for making custom shirts for playing outdoors.