Keeping Prices Low

At ooShirts we pride ourselves on our low prices for custom shirts. But there are still some additional ways for you to keep your prices as low as possible.

Color of Your Shirt

Color impacts the price of your shirt in a variety of ways. Printing on light colored shirts is cheaper than printing on darker ones because the latter is more labor intensive. Thus, white is the cheapest color to print on and black is the most expensive.

Different Printing Processes

If your shirts are being screen printed then the number of colors in your design will impact the price. If you can order your shirt to be one of the colors that appears in your design, you can subtract a color from your total because we'll just use the shirt. Just make sure that whatever element of your design that you're matching to the shirt is outlined by a contrasting color. Digital prints eliminate the need for a color count, so if you're ordering a few shirts with a lot of colors, this is the option for you.

Other Tips

Besides the printing process itself, there are other ways to keep your t-shirts less expensive. Plan ahead: we guarantee complimentary two-week shipping, so order your shirts in advance. Different shirt styles and brands can be more or less expensive, so look into that as well. A Bella shirt is going to cost more than a Gildan, etc. Youth styles are more costly than adult sizes, so if you're ordering for people over the age of ten, consider the adult size to keep costs down.

And of course, if you need any further consultation, feel free to call us at (510)984-4679. We're here to help!