How to Show Everyone you are the Biggest Fan.

It is hard being a nerd these days. Way back when, it wasn't so cool to be numbered among our ranks. Back then, the facts that Mongul destroyed Coast City in Green Lantern and that Doomsday killed Superman were considered obscure knowledge. Today people flock to the theatres in droves to cheer on Iron Man and Captain America as they defend the planet from evil. You've really got to stand out from the crowd to prove yourself. Show off your dedication to your fandom with a custom nerd shirts.


Imagine strolling down the aisles at Comic-Con with the Green Lantern oath emblazoned across your chest (In brightest day, in blackest night...), or a shirt reading "Barbara Gordon or Kara Zor-El...Yes Please." Gamers should reference this article for gamer t-shirt ideas.

Midnight Movies

Seeing the premier of a new film on Thursday at midnight has become a rite of fandom passage. Print an afordable custom design on a shirt to show everyone else how much bigger a fan you are.