How to Run an Effective Political Advertising Campaign with Custom T-Shirts

Want to be the next city council person? Mayor? Senator? PRESIDENT?! Custom t-shirts from ooshirts are exactly what you need to blast your campaign to success.

What Every Campaign Needs Shirts

Political campaigns are all based on advertising. The candidate must turn him- or herself into a brand, and then act like professional salesmen and sell that brand to the people. Whether it is a child running for school president, a person running for the city council or Mayor, or someone running for Mayor, Senator or President, the candidate must advertise and sell themselves. We have all seen the multitude of ways that candidates try to do this: campaign posters, signs, television and radio ads, and t-shirts! Marketing with t-shirts is the perfect way for candidates to get some incredible exposure.

Prompting Interest

A t-shirt with the candidate's name, face and office they are running for makes for a perfect introduction to who they are and what they are running for. It is a great tool for prompting questions. Who is that? What is his/her platform? Where can I find more information? These are the kinds of leading questions that candidates want their constituents asking, and they are exactly the kinds of questions that campaign t-shirts will prompt. When you give shirts out to your supporters, everyone they interact with will learn about who you are. They effectively become human billboards. Campaigns are all about getting your message out to as many people as possible and building a positive brand of yourself. T-shirts will give you the kind of grassroots exposure you need.